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Massoud Rajavi dead or alive? Who cares?

While members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) are undergoing unstable days of striving in a declining cult-like dissident group, US senators, paid by the MKO lobbies, wonder where the leader of the cult, Massoud Rajavi is.

In an October7th, hearing before the US Senate committee on Armed Forces titled” Iranian Influence in Iraq and the case of Camp Liberty”, senator Joseph Manchin (D-W) asked of Massoud Rajavi’s whereabouts. Prominent MKO lobbyist, retired Colonel Wesley Martin pretended to be informed about the proper answer. He claimed that Rajavi was wounded in an attack and he’s in France now.

It seems that Colonel Martin as the MKO lobbyist and his partner in the hearing Senator Manchin are reading the dialogue of a script written by the MKO propaganda. True or not, should it be important to know about Rajavi’s whereabouts in order to aid Liberty residents taking refuge in the United States?

At the end of this dialogue, Colonel Martin concludes that Maryam Rajavi is the leader now, the front “person that is with all the activities, all the events.”

Critics of the Cult of Rajavi including former members, suggest that this is a new tactic of the MKO’s lobby to launch a propaganda in the US Congress in order to whitewash the whereabout of Massoud Rajavi. The MKO’s propaganda might be seeking to maintain the sacred figure they have always portrayed for Massoud Rajavi, according to critics, because after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the coincident disappearance of Massoud Rajavi, many criticized him for leaving his members in danger and escaping to save his own life.

Moreover, whether Massoud Rajavi is dead or alive is definitely critical to two main groups not to the lobbyist or lawmakers.

The first group who absolutely want to know about Rajavi’s whereabouts are victims of the terrorist acts of the MKO. Thousands of Iranian families are victims of the MKO’s blind mortar attacks, bombings and assassinations, as well as Iraqi Shiites and Kurds whose uprising was suppressed by the MKO – as Saddam’s Private Army – in 1991.

The second group includes members of the Cult of Rajavi who lost years of their lives, isolated from the free world, under the manipulative cult-like system of the group or who are still taken as hostages in the cult. Families of the MKO hostages also suffer the cruelty of the MKO leaders, particularly Massoud Rajavi who first created the system of abusive and torturing of its members in the cult.

Victims of Massoud Rajavi await his “appearance” because he should be brought to justice for the atrocities he committed against his own followers, and civilians in Iran and Iraq.

There have been numerous accounts about Massoud Rajavi’s destiny. But what is very significant about him is that he disappeared just in the most critical situation. He disappeared after the US invasion but the most iconic event at that time was the arrest of Maryam Rajavi by French Police and the fall of Saddam Hussein as the main financial and military supporter of the group. The Survival of the MKO has been crucially based on its propaganda. Question and answer about Massoud Rajavi’s destiny seems to be part of the propaganda of a collapsed organization.

Mazda Parsi

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