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MKO’s Excuses for Political Inabilities

According to the published reports, terrorist group of Mojahedin-e Khalq is trying to use a law firm in its efforts for being lifted from terror list.

This move is not new but it has been an ongoing effort for years. MKO used/is using different groups and individuals, bribing them with large amounts of money, hoping that they can save this group!

Mojahedin sometimes resorted to people, thought to be able to do something for the organization; people like Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton and …

The main point the group tries to hide from its own members is that the group was fully supported by Saddam and some other western countries while being out of terror list but it could do nothing.

The next point is that even if the group, after resorting to a legal firm and testing different, is lifted from terror list. What would happen?

This can be viewed from two different angles:

– That whether they can effect Iran’s political and social scene (they have not been able to do see due to being on terror list)

– That what benefits the group could get in the case of being removed from the list (that has been deprived of due to being designated)

On the issue of Iran, it should be said that all MKO’s incurable problems rise from the fact that they have no popular base inside Iran, but they are hated by Iranians. All observers agree with this fact.

This very fact is also influential in Westerners’ decisions on the group and prevents them from making contact with the group.

Therefore, being removed from the list will not solve this group’s problems. With a long-term look at the issue, the removal of the group from the list will bring worse situation for them because then they will have to account for their futile efforts in the past years.

Government and parties, the MKO think would help the group in the case of being removed from the list, believe that the group should quit terrorist policies and turn to a political organization. Then, the incurable pain of lacking popular support and political inability comes to the group and anti-Iranian parties in the West- even the stupid ones like Neocons- are smart enough not to be trapped in this vicious circle.

Irandidban     2006/12/11

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