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A Great Disaster for the MKO

The issue of execution order for Saddam Hussein and removal of "Donald Rmusfeld" can be interpreted as minor disasters for the MKO when it comes to the departure of anti-Iranian US diplomat in the UN John Bolton. For, the hopes of the murderous gang of Rajavi for possible actions against Iran in the UN- if any- have all failed due to the recent development.

While the anti-Iranian leaders of the MKO had no will for broad sanctions or military invasion on Iran, the will of men like "Wolfowitz", "Rumsfeld" and "Bolton"- who like to fight Iranians only due to their ties with Israel- created good opportunity for this group to maneuver; in fact, it was a window for hoping that the group will survive.

MKO’s ties to John Bolton are not limited to the post-Iraq war era or his appointment as the US ambassador to the UN but they were established long ago when the contacts of the MKO with Zionist lobby in the US were expanded.

First, the MKO sent him gifts and during an electoral campaign, he received large amounts of money from the MKO. After that, MKO regularly rewarded him with money that was called gift or other kinds of aids.

Bolton’s greatest favor to the MKO was at the time when he was appointed as the Deputy Secretary of State. At that time, he took part in a commission in the US Congress in order to justify some Pentagon plans for using the MKO in Iraq. He said using the MKO for espionage activities is the reason why the Congress should approve Pentagon plans.

Then, Bolton tried repeatedly to pretend that they had received first hand information on Iran’s nuclear program from the MKO, while the truth was the opposite!

Anyway, loss of Bolton will have double impact on the terrorist murderous gang of Rajavi. On one hand, the man they had bought is now far from decision-making circles of the US administration; on the other hand, removal of Bolton indicates that the policies, the application of which would lead to the use of MKO by US, have totally failed.

So, the catastrophe of losing John Bolton means losing all opportunities the MKO had created for itself during past ten years in order to get itself lifted from the terror list.

It should be noted that even people like Bolton, who received money directly from the MKO, opposed the idea of lifting the MKO from terror list since they believed that even in the case of using this group they should always keep the leaders of the group in leash.

Irandidban –  2006/12/06

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