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For Whom the Disaster Comes?

The only hope for the MKO is that negotiations between Iran and the EU won’t be resumed, warmongers’ efforts will be fruitful and conditions for sanctions and attacks on Iran are provided!

In this regard, remnants of Rajavi’s gang in Germany released a statement calling on the German government to cancel the travel of Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council to Germany (in order to meet Mr. Solana).

MKO described the talks on Iranian nuclear program as the most harmful policy that damages the international peace and security and its continuation will lead to a disaster in the region!

At the current situation, every wise person knows well that the best option to prevent disasters in the region and to preserve global peace is to stop Israeli aggression and US’s unilateralism (which has particularly shown itself in depriving Iranians from their right of peaceful nuclear technology).

However, The disaster the MKO is talking about is the total failure of Israel’s warmongering policies with the following consequences: it has caused the MKO to be neutralized as mercenary rebel group, it has led to the removal of protective umbrella from this group and it has paved the way for purging anarchist forces from European countries.

That’s why the former Iranian president’s travel to the US has shaken this group’s bases and they start crying when they hear about negotiations and dialogue.

Irandidban – 2006/09/07

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