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MKO a Clique of Zionist circles

According to IRNA, in a six-page report, released at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Vienna headquarters on Thursday, the UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohammed ElBaradei said Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities have been based on the nuclear safeguards and under complete supervision of the Agency.

The report is in total contradiction to what MKO deems a golden opportunity to escalate tension between Iran and the European sides. While the Europeans have come to understand that the best solution to Iran’s nuclear dossier is negotiation, MKO’s website condemns the trip by Ali Larijani to Germany for further talks with Javier Solana. It quoted Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, saying: “The upcoming meeting between Larijani and (Javier) Solana will determine the next steps. … Now is the time of speaking of dialogue and negotiations. Issues such as sanctions are mostly brought up by Zionist circles in order to put pressure on Iran”.

Seemingly, not paying the least attention to Iran’s spokesman’s reference to “Zionist circles” as seekers of imposing sanctions on Iran, MKO repeats the same Zionists dictated words immediately after his quote saying: “As the Iranian Resistance had reiterated at the beginning of negotiations between the European Three (E3) and the religious dictatorship ruling Iran, the only way to force the Iranian regime to adhere to the demands of the international community is to pursue a decisive policy including the imposition of urgent comprehensive sanctions against the regime”.

You need not to be so smart a man to tell these are the words of not a pro-democratic current but a belligerent group that prefers violent methods for any solution. That is because MKO survives through tension and disorder.

mojahedin.ws –  05/09/2006

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