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Returning Camp Ashraf to Iraq’s Treasury

From all camps and bases given to the terrorist MKO in Iraq by Saddam Hussein, Camp Ashraf is the only one still occupied by this group*; coalition forces believe that Camp Ashraf is a good place for the protection of MKO members until their final fate is determined.

Although some reports indicate that the US army wants to transfer MKO members from the camp in order to settle its own forces in this camp, it should be first returned to the Army since it belonged to the Army when Saddam Hussein gave it to the MKO.

According to Al-Zaman newspaper, by conducting special economical plans, the Iraqi government is determined to return such properties to the government’s treasury.

Al-Zaman reported:

Iraqi officials have planned to return the properties, given by Saddam Hussein to the military and other security services, to the treasury. This plan includes returning houses, apartments, and lands given to armed forces by Saddam Hussein.

Critics, mostly the members of Baath party and their supporters, claim that the plan is to root out their party socially, economically and politically.

Anyway, moving MKO members to a UN-run camp outside the urban areas has always been an option since the disarmament of the group and it may take place if the government’s plan is conducted.


* Terrorist MKO also holds anonymous covert offices that handle the group’s affairs in Iraq.

Irandidban, September 5, 2006

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