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An Abstruse Statement in Support of MKO

Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) passes hard days in Iraq at the present following the reports of its forthcoming expulsion. It utilizes any legal and illegal lever to secure its stay in Iraq since the dispersion of its members in other countries, if any country consents to receive individuals labeled as terrorists, means a gamble on its survival. Through the past month, the escalated crisis in Iraq’s Diyala Province offered MKO a golden opportunity to try mustering support by annexed its destiny to that of Iraqi people. A full-scale propaganda over the statement it claimed to be issued by 25 Sheikhs of the Diyala Province was the first step.

Reported by MKO’s NCRI website, some Iraqi political parties and forces held a joint session in Diyala Province. The gathering, as it has been stated, was held in an attempt to discover the solutions to current crisis in the province and to call for the unity of all national and democratic forces at all levels. As reported, in a statement declared at the end of the conference, the participants announced: “The People’s Mojahedin of Iran, who have been political refugees in Iraq for 20 years, have always been a motivating force and a cooperative partner in taking active and productive steps, and their active presence in the province of Diyala has been a productive factor”.

Of course, in respect to these so called elites’ statement, the people of Diyala Province are too eager to find answers to the questions formed in their minds. For instance, how could these Mojahedin, if really “political refugees”, possibly roam all through the province while heavily armed? To whom they have been a “cooperative partner” and in what ways they proved to be “a motivating force” and took “active and productive steps”? And last but not least, can anybody refer to an iota of productivity as a result of their presence in the province?

mojahedin.ws – 04/09/2006

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