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Unleash of Terrorists, the Perilous Disaster

According to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Mojahedin along with EU Parliamentarians arranged a conference in Copenhagen where Lord Slynn of Hadley who is a former Judge of the EU court sharply criticized the decision of EU Council of Ministers.

After September 11th terrorist acts, EU countries coordinated their activities against terrorism and one of their decisions was to block bank accounts of those in the list. Decision on the inclusion in the terrorist list is made in “Clearing House” where representatives of security agencies meet. It then is discussed in the Conference of Ambassadors and eventually is passed in the EU Council of Ministers. Normally they should present documents on the group’s recent acts of terrorism. The decision is reviewed every 6 months. MKO was included in the EU terror list in May 2002 and remained since then.

Although MKO sued and won a case against the seizure of its assets by the EU in an EU court in December 2006, at end of January 2007 the Council of Ministers announced that the verdict applied to December 2005 assessment and the subsequent decisions, starting May 2006 by the Council of Ministers still held. The EU Council of Ministers informed Mojahedin of the decision on why they were remaining “in the list of individuals and organizations participated in acts of terror”. But PMOI attorneys claimed that the stated letter and documents by the EU Council of Ministers did not include any evidence on acts of terrorism by MKO especially after June 2001.

Exposed in a report by the State Department on April 30, MKO has been indulged in terrorist activities even after June 2001. Interestingly, these acts were perpetrated in the European countries rather than in the US but the European advocates of the group insist to close their eyes on what their people witnessed with open eyes in the streets. These advocates believe that ignoring the ruling of EU Court to remove MKO from the terrorist list is a disaster, but the EU Council of Ministers are well aware of the fact that the real disaster might germinate when the terrorists, now transformed into a cult, are unleashed.

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