So Discredited A Ruling

"When the European court issued a ruling on this case, the MKO was on the terrorist list of the EU and the court, of course, complained that enough reasons for designating the group. However, the legal obstacles are being resolved now in order to keep this group on the list," French Foreign Ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei said on the issue of lifting restrictions of MKO properties.

He added that, "We agree that the group should remain on the list. There was a legal problem which is being dealt with and the group will remain on the terrorist list".

Following these comments on the terrorist gang of Rajavi, the remnants of the cult issued a statement and said:

1. This position ignores the ruling of the court in whole and mocks the ruling of law, which is the backbone of democracy.

2. Illegal insistence on keeping the MKO on terror list is a gift to the mullahs’ regime that’s trying to disrupt the process of the court. This is another aspect of the policy of compromising with mullahs, which will advance to the point where religious fascists get to one or two nuclear bombs.

3. The stance of French Foreign Ministry indicates that it has decided, in contradiction with the decision of the court, to put the MKO on the list of terrorist organization without giving a chance of fair hearing to the MKO.*

In the 1st article of this statement, Mojahedin-e Khalq, admitting how discredited the ruling of First Instance Court is, tries to resort to the ruling as a strong and credible one while it has been proved that the ruling has neither led to the MKO’s exit from terror list nor to the lifting of bans on its properties.

In the 2nd article that is inspired by the deceiving policies of Rajavi, the MKO tries to link itself to the issue of Iran and its nuclear program and convince the public opinion that the West has no way except choosing between the MKO and Iran.

Given this, it should be said that Western politicians are familiar with MKO’s tactics and won’t allow them to use opportunities.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that the MKO won’t be used as a means against Iran but it indicates that there’s a good understanding of MKO’s position in Iran’s political scene. As the Western officials have repeatedly declared, there’s no need for this group to be taken off the terror list….

More importantly and regarding what has been said in the 3rd article, Mojahedin who have been in European countries for 25 years and claim of having ties with senior officials, journalists, Parliamentarians and …are now asking for a fair hearing!

This only means that all claims by the criminal gang of Rajavi have been invalid and discredited so that after 25 years they are seeking fair hearing.


Irandidban –  2007/02/13

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