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Scottish Daily”Scotsman”quoted an MKO supporter

Scottish Daily "Scotsman" quoted an MKO supporter, Stevenson, saying:

"Regarding the decision of Luxembourg Court, keeping MKO’s name on EU’s terror list will be a big mistake by the European Union.

Legally, keeping them on the list violates Court’s decision and insults judicial system of European Union. Politically, it would be a disaster, since it conveys the message of compromise and weakness to Tehran".

Stevenson’s words expose his purpose, based on a crookedly devised plan by MKO leaders in order to get them out of the list. This list prevents them from performing illegal activities.

They want to use the ruling of First Instance Court in order to press European officials to take them out of the list.

Earlier, MKO claimed that the ruling meant the removal of MKO’s name from terror list. This was only a propagandistic move which lasted only for a few days and after that they tried to provide opportunities for themselves.

At that time "Time" magazine reported of premature celebrations by Maryam Rajavi. The fact is that MKO propaganda is based on mixing their ideals with lies for deceiving western politicians; this means total fraud.

The contradiction is that at the same time the MKO quotes a French lawyer claiming, "Currently, there’s no restriction for the MKO"!

Mr. Stevenson and other MKO supporters should be asked why the MKO is still trying to impose itself on Europeans if there’s no restriction over the group.

Undoubtedly, MKO’s fraudulent leaders are trying to hide their fundamental weaknesses and lack of popularity.

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