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Morvarid Operation (Killing generations of Kurds) Morvarid (pearl) is the name of a chain of mountains in a frontier region in Kermanshah province of Iran and Kurdistan of Iraq, where suppressing operation and massacre of Kurds took place.”Morvarid Operation”is a given name by Rajavi’s cult.  An American journal wrote:”the only and main invasion of NLA during the last six years happened in 1991 right in the aftermath of Gulf War while Saddam Hussein ordered Rajavi to help him with suppressing Kurds’ uprising in the north of Iraq.”

To cover their crimes against Kurds, Mujahedin claimed that they repelled the attack of Iranian forces to their bases and called the alleged anti – attack,”Pearl Operation”.

The MKO’s leader, chief and members of the council, commandant and the army general staff disappointed of a new war between Iraq and Iran, who observed the return of Iraqi government from Kuwait in the fall of 1990, after a chain of staff meetings, held a public meeting to determine their strategy in which they investigated rotation of the affairs in the region. Since the cult can’t consider any reality except the atmosphere ruling its own situation, it was obvious that they choose the war and then they loose it.

To compensate this loss, Rajavi used his entire mercenary forces to keep and maintain their main sponsor – Saddam Regime – and they set out to rescue the dictator from falling in that period of time. Thus they started their dreadful crimes …


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