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US Likely to Use Rajavi Again

 Correspondent of Baztab from Washington reported:

"Some monarchist figures have expressed their concern over the possible close ties of Americans with Rajavi and US’s use of MKO."

This came as Massoud Rajavi left US control in Baghdad suburb and went to Jordan along with some other MKO members.

The lobby of Monarchist Opposition, the major opponent of terrorist MKO abroad, is concerned about new political activities of the group after it was suspiciously lifted from Europe’s terror list and its fund- mainly provided by Saddam- were released.

This move by US, coincident with Saddam execution, and regarding wide range cooperation between the MKO and former Baathist regime of Iraq in suppressing Kurds and Shiites in 1991, has received harsh criticism by Iraqi political groups.

It’s been said that "with respect to secret negotiations by Israeli agents in Jordan, there’s a possibility of the establishment of secret ties between Israel and this terrorist group for organizing a new round of terrorist operations.

After the fall of Saddam, MKO that faced a huge wave of defections resorted to methods like massacre, torture and suppression of criticisms in order to prevent the group from being dismantled.

Baztab website –  2007/01/04

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