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For Whom The Bell Rings?

MKO leaders held ceremonies to commemorate the anniversary of Maryam Rajavi’s election by Massoud Rajavi (as elect-president, the head of the MKO and …) and boasted about it.

Although such ceremonies have been designed to make MKO forces (restricted to Camp Ashraf) busy so as not to think about the current situation, the group is following other purposes (for instance, they want to convey some messages to their colonialist masters).

In the ceremonies, it was repeatedly said by MKO officials that Maryam Rajavi is the sole leader of the resistance! And that the MKO has only one duty: to get her to Tehran by any means!

By this stupid tactic, remnants of Rajavi are pursuing a number of purposes:

1. Save Massoud Rajavi from the pressure of being the head of a terrorist group.

2. Transfer the responsibilities of the organization to Maryam without any formal announcement or change in policies.

3. Turn the challenges from MKO’s terrorist nature and activities to so-called political activities of the group in Europe and pave the way for being accepted by Zionist lobby and the US.

Meanwhile, what’s happening is that the MKO leaders are giving in to the plans of those who control the group (who believe that Rajavi should leave the group and NLA should be dismantled if the group wants to continue activities).

However, current masters of terrorist MKO say that the group should repent for its terrorist activities and dismantle NLA before they can remove Rajavi from the equation.

It should be noted that this situation is not in contrast with the will of Pentagonist for using MKO in an invasion against Iran. However, since the issue of MKO’s expulsion from Iraq and determining their fate has become a major issue for occupiers, it’s not possible to keep them for a possible invasion against Iran; in addition, some US parties are not interested in taking advantage of them.

Irandidban     2006/10/22

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