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True facts behind June 17th events

On Friday June, Nejat Society, Khuzestan branch held a meeting together with a number of families of Nejat NGO and a few defectors who have just returned home. During the 4 hour meeting, different aspects of June 17 events were discussed.

First of all, Mr. Dehdar Hassani revealed some facts on the arrest of Maryam Rajavi by French Police and warned about the way MKO abuses such an event in its propaganda.

Then, Mr. Ali Ekrami noticed the active role of the cult’s leaders in intriguing and persuading the member to commit self-immolation, he described his observations of what he witnessed in Camp Ashraf at that time. Revealing the real goals of MKO in holding ceremonies for the anniversary of June 17th, 2003, he asked the families to make a more active relation with Nejat Society in order to pursue the situation of their children in Camp Ashraf, Iraq and to stop MKO vicious leaders prolonging the stay of their beloveds in the notorious Ashraf Base.

During the meeting, there were also some defectors of the cult who told their memoirs on June 17th in Ashraf Base, they especially emphasized on the motivating role of MKO leaders to make members commit suicide.
At the end they issued a statement.

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