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Political Stupidity of Rajavi and his Retarded Remnants

There’s a big question on why the gang of Rajavi came to presidential campaign in France, which had nothing to do with them.

Before answering this question, it should be clarified that Rajavi’s gang left a new record for its political stupidity since it was clear, from the beginning, who was going to win the elections.

The stupidity of MKO reached its peak in Iraq, far from Iraq, where the remnants of Rajavi held ceremonies and invited a few Arab women to ask French people to vote for Segolene Royal?!

MKO’s confusion, which results in such acts, is so complicated that many of those who are close to the group, as well as members of the Council, called it a naïve and unjustifiable act.

The explanation of Rajavi’s remnants was that they would have the support of socialist party even if Roayl was not elected; but they ignored the fact that if Sarkozy was elected president, they would have his eternal enmity! So, it was better for them to be silent and wait for the results to come out. However, taking modern gestures also led them to such stupidity.

The reasons for this open effort may lie in the fact that Sarkozy’s enmity with MKO was not something new and therefore, they did their best so that they may escape from the future they’re condemned to. Sarkozy has already expressed his views on the group and has shown how he would deal with them; at least, he would encounter their terrorist plans.

Why does the MKO resorts to such moves? Why does it have nothing to say, while it had congratulated its members over a weak resolution by UN Security Council against Iran?

Such moves all come from MKO’s desperation, which in its turn results from lack of popular support.

On the othern, such moves by Rajavi reflect the internal situation in Camp Ashraf.

News coming on daily basis indicates that confusion and desperation among MKO members in Camp Ashraf is increasing. Ashraf Gestapo is facing a big internal crisis for controlling the members, who struggle with the leaders.

Rajavi, who amused and entertained MKO members by the assistance of Saddam Hussein and with different games, now desperately tries to boost the morale of his forces and to make them busy with such moves. However, each time, he resorts to something that reveals his stupidity more than before.

During the past year, events like Iranian nuclear case, resolution of UN Sec. against Iran, the victory of Democrats in the congress… and the election of Sarkozy as president in France showed that even his backers are condemned to failure.

There’s no doubt that we should wait for another move by Rajavi in his efforts to amuse his forces.

Irandidban –  2007/05/09


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