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Clinton Tragedy Repeats for MKO (Rajavi cult)

News reports say that terrorist MKO is supporting French presidential candidate Segolene Royal and asks French people to vote for her.

At the beginning, we should point to the activities of MKO in the West to win support for certain candidates.

In some Western countries, particularly the US and UK, the MKO has invested large amounts of money and has even paid considerable amounts of money to electoral headquarters of congressmen and congresswomen (some of the cases have been revealed with documents); they have even tried to send to congress a candidate who agrees to support the group.

They have been sometimes successful and in other cases, they have lost their money; however, they haven’t achieved what they wanted in any of the cases. In some cases, the candidates were not faithful and only used MKO’s money.

Beyond this, MKO has sometimes tried to interfere in Presidential elections in order to get their desired advantages; the most important of such cases is MKO’s contribution to Clinton’s election in the first round. At that time, MKO spent money and did its best to help him become president.

MKO’s analysis at that was that Clinton would come to the scene to encounter Iran with the slogan of”human rights”. It had become an ideological ideal for the group so that there were celebrations in MKO’s bases when he was elected as president.

The fact was that MKO had some contacts with then vice president Al Gore, and he had promised that Clinton would support the group.

After his election, MKO tried to boast about the issue by writing letter to Clinton (by Rajavi) and even Mohaddessin took part in his dinner party, held for his success.

However, all MKO’s efforts for Clinton turned to a big tragedy for the group and it’s still a nightmare for the group.

Mr. Clinton put them on terror list and, as MKO claims, gave it to Iran as a gift!

The case is the same with Royal’s campaign in France. MKO has been deceived by her campaign slogans. MKO, because of its lack of understanding of political phenomena, repeats the experiences that have been tested before in political scene. They have seen that European politicians say things pleasant for MKO, however as soon as they get to power the situation changes.

What’s important now is that MKO forces need high morale and Rajavi is trying to use this case to boost the morale of his member; he tries to convince them that all MKO problems would be solved if Royal was elected president in France.

However, there’s no doubt that Royal’s victory would also become a big tragedy for Rajavi and his gang. 

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