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Rajavi cult – Displaced and Hated

Terrorist MKO is showing its shaky critical situation in Iraq by releasing statements on Iraq’s decision to expel this group and by holding gatherings in its camp.

On the other hand, the group has employed foreign lawyers to write letters to the government they believe is puppet of Iranian regime. Remnants of Rajavi’s gang have already used all legal excuses to delay the execution of Iraqi government’s decision.

When France expelled Rajavi in 1986- because an international arrest warrant had been issued for him, no European country accepted to give shelter to him. Countries he had planned to go to announced that he would be arrested in the case of entering their soil.

It was clear that the Rajavi and his gang were discredited and that no country in the world would welcome them.

Of course, the terrorist group found shelter with dictator Saddam who supported the group in all aspects.

However, remnants of the group are now trying to, at least, become the citizens of Iraq; for this reason, they have hired American and British mediators. This proves how hateful, discredited and unimportant this group is.

Rajavi’s gang, aware of being hateful and that no one would be willing to help as soon as he hears the name of MKO, begs Swiss people to support them and sign petitions and protest to the bad situation in Iraq. This is how the group tries to convince UNHCR to give them refugee status. By exploiting the sentiments of people, the MKO wants to buy itself credibility and put pressure on Iraqi government!

This issue, apart from its outcomes, showed that the cult is discredited and hateful not only among Iranian but also among all the people and governments of the world.

Irandidban, September 21, 2006

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