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MEK the most hated in Iran’s history

When I was young, I remember how much the communist ‘Tudeh’ party was hated by Iranians. Not just because they were communist and did not believe in Islam, but mostly because they did not care for Iran’s national interests. They were so-called Internationalists and believed all socialist revolutions must be led by the former Soviet Union.

Ebrahim Khodabandeh

Since I left the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi terrorist cult) and came back to Iran in 2003, I have realized that this cult is now much more hated by Iranians than the Tudeh Party, and these Iranians include every opposition to the Islamic Republic inside and outside the country. The MEK assassinated thousands of innocent people, they cooperated with the attacking enemy Saddam Hussein against the defenders of the borders, and far more than the Tudeh Party do not believe in Iran’s national security and interests.

Recently, in an interview with the American Fox News, the Iranian reformist foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described a ‘B-Team’ pushing the US towards “disaster” by clashing with Iran, and the MEK typically is trying by every possible means to jump on this bandwagon with the hope of gaining something for its cultic goals.
But a loser is always a loser. No matter what the future of Iran might be, the MEK certainly will have no place in Iran’s political and social scene since the cult is the most hated in Iran’s history.

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