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A Meeting of Friends of Terrorism

Facing its most crucial days in Iraq, MKO gets advantage of any chances to muster sympathizers and supporters to reaffirm its status as political refugees in Iraq. As the organization is banned, under the adopted anti-terrorism laws, to hole open rallies and meetings, the duty is laid on the shoulder of other groups and committees campaigning under a variety of aliases.

Reported by NCRI, “The International Committee in Defense of Ashraf was launched in a meeting at the European Parliament on Tuesday, September 12. Participants in the meeting were founding members of the committee among whom were European lawmakers and political and human rights figures. The meeting was initiated by the Friends of a Free Iran, a parliamentary committee at the European Parliament co-chaired by Euro MPs, Paulo Casaca and Struan Stevenson”.

For those who are familiar with the history of MKO and are aware of its being proscribed by the EU as a terrorist organization it might be too shocking to hear that some claimed “European lawmakers and political and human rights figures” so blatantly violate a unanimously adopted law aimed to safeguard the Western citizen’s national security and peace.

But it should be pointed out that sub-parliamentary “Friends of a Free Iran” is a coverage name for MKO activists advertising the policies masterminded by the heads of MKO. The few speeches made by the participants stress on nothing more than what the group’s propaganda machine has been focusing on during the past few months. The speakers, each on his/her turn, reiterated that “the PMOI members have been living in Iraq since 1986 as political refugees and stressed that the new Iraqi government should reaffirm their status”; “members of the PMOI have been staying in Iraq for over 20 years and enjoy widespread support among Iraqis”; “that the PMOI enjoys a widespread support among Iranians in exile all over the world and is the main obstacle to Iran’s regime”; “that all efforts should be concentrated on removing the PMOI from the terror list.”

The only issue “The International Committee in Defense of Ashraf” preferred not to deal with was the plight of the members held forcefully within the walls of Ashraf. It seems that even the claimed “human rights figures” present at the meeting had completely forgotten that there were many human beings residing at Ashraf with a few rights to be defended.

mojahedin.ws – 19/09/2006

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