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Iraqi Parliament take action to aid families of Liberty residents

Following the meeting of families of Liberty residents at the Iraqi Parliament, a parliamentary committee was formed to investigate the situation of residents of Camp Liberty and the demands of their families.

After the families visited Iraqi Parliament on Tuesday November 24th , the official website of the Iraqi Parliament reported that Parliamentary Committee in charge of investigation on the demands of families of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization held a meeting under the supervision of MP Arshad Salehi on Wednesday November 25th . The meeting was attended by members of security, Defense and Foreign Relations committees together with the High Committee of Camp Liberty in Prime Minister’s office.”

The parliamentary committee discussed the demands of the families of MKO members to visit their children in Camp Liberty in order that the administration takes proper action for the visits. They also agreed on discussing the case of Camp Liberty in future sessions of the parliament.

Earlier, on November 24th, the parliament website reported that a member of the parliament’s leadership board, Dr. Humam Hamoudi had recommended the Human Rights Commission and Foreign Relations Commission to form a delegation to visit Camp Liberty and to get informed about the situation of its residents in the Camp and to inform residents about their families’ desire to meet them.

According to the website, Dr. Hamoudi addressed the families and called on Iraqi administration and foreign Ministry to call on the embassies of foreign countries and UN officials to get engaged in their previous commitments and receive Liberty residents.

He suggested that the Liberty residents should be treated as entities who have to leave Iraqi territory as soon as possible.

First deputy speaker of the Iraqi Parliament stated,” The Parliament will try to guarantee the expulsion of the residents under the supervision of the Iraqi government and the Immigration Organization, after they visit their families and would take it as a humanitarian issue. This is our duty based on Islamic rules and international regulations.”

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