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Families of Camp Liberty residents at the Iraqi parliament

Families who have travelled to Iraq to meet their dear ones captivated at Camp Liberty, visit the Iraqi MPs at the parliament.

The Iraqi MPs: Homam Hamoudi, Arshad Salehi; Chairman of Iraqi Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Ahlam al-Husseini, Samireh Musavi and Abbas Bayati from the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Human Rights Committees participated the session.

Journalists from Iraqi TV Channel one, Al Sumaria satellite TV network, Iraqi newspapers as well as Iraqi parliament Rapporteur Niyazi Memar Oughloo;MP accompanied the families and provided reports, videos and photos of the meetings.

The MKO hostages’ families reiterated their call to visit and get news of their loved ones. The families stressed that Iraq is not a safe place for the Camp Liberty residents and they should be urgently relocated in third countries.

Endorsing the families’ certain right to visit their loved ones, the Iraqi MPs reiterated that the pretext that nobody in the Camp Liberty is willing to visit his family is not acceptable.

During the session it was decided that the MPs form a committee in accompany with Foreign and Human Rights Ministries. A delegation is then supposed to visit Camp Liberty and state the families’ demands. The committee is also supposed to visit Western countries’ embassies in Baghdad asking them to give refuge to the TTL residents as they are no more safe in Iraq.

The MPs also reiterated that the Iraqi government and nation as well as all political parties do not tolerate the former Iraqi dictator’s allies in the Iraqi soil.

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