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Presence of families outside camp liberty is torture for residents, says Rajavi

There are signs that Massoud Rajavi is beginning to panic about losing control of the residents of Camp Liberty. Plans made by the UN to remove these former MEK members from Iraq are accelerating, with 233 residents recently transferred to Albania despite Rajavi’s attempts to prevent the move. Shortly after this, Rajavi threatened to kill anyone who speaks publicly about what goes on inside the camp.

 The announcement below, published by his site Iran Focus, is another indication that the imminent disintegration of Camp Liberty has sent Rajavi into a panic. His attempt to present genuine families, mostly elderly mothers and fathers or middle aged siblings of Camp Liberty residents, as “hired agents” (a claim easily disproved with a few checks), is not the real issue. The idea, however, that residents of the camp can be psychologically tortured by the presence of families – real or imagined – outside the camp’s perimeter is an indication of both their fragile state and Rajavi’s madness.

Following is the announcement of Massoud Rajavi through their site Iran Focus:

Iran plots to torture Camp Liberty refugees in Iraq

Iran is to send undercover agents to Camp Liberty disguised as family members of Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organization (PMOI/MEK), in a smear campaign against the dissidents in Iraq, according to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

The regime has tasked the Nejat Association, a branch of Ministry of Intelligence and Security, to dispatch agents to the camp in Iraq, the group said based on the information obtained from inside Iran.

In October, Tehran sent several well-known regime agents, including Ebrahim Khodabandeh, to meet the regime;s ambassador in Baghdad to pave the way for the offensive against Camp Liberty residents.

Reports published on MOIS websites on November 22 revealed that Iran’s embassy in Iraq had pledged to use all its resources in its drive to make contact with ‘captive members of the Rajavi sect[..]

IranInterlink from Iran focous,

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