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White House crumbling under the weight of Bolton’s ambitions

Jhon Bolton - warmonger - terrorist lobbist

John Bolton, Donald Trump’s national security adviser in the White House (who was the US ambassador to the UN during the Iraq War in George Bush’s administration), along with Benjamin Netanyahu and Muhammad Bin Salman have for a long time been in a ‘warmonger club’ which has striven to drag the United States into a war with Iran, paid for by US citizens for the benefit of a small elite.

Bolton believes that Massoud (or Maryam) Rajavi of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi cult), just like Ahmed Chalabi during the war against Iraq, can be beneficial in creating excuses and repeating the White House’s wishes under the banner of a so-called opposition group. The Rajavi terrorist cult has always been ready to offer its treacherous services to any bidder. And Bolton, after Saddam Hussein, is eager to use them.

The Saudis provide the funds, the Israelis provide the propaganda means and lobbying, and Rajavi plays the role of the loudspeaker while Bolton lays claim to the ammunition – all to launch a new war no matter what the cost.

Bolton has repeatedly announced his desire for regime change in Iran through the imposition of severe sanctions followed by military action. This wish has been constantly publicized by the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization to prepare the world, and in particular western public opinion, for another disastrous war.

Trump has announced that a war with Iran would be the end of the country. This assessment is absolutely wrong. Apart from the trio of warmongers, no official in the world has agreed with that assessment. On the contrary they all advise that such a war would become the US’s tragedy.

When Trump took office, he rejected the Iran nuclear agreement – a UN Security Council resolution signed by 7 major countries. He promised to get a better deal with Iran and introduced 12 unacceptable demands thereby setting foot on the path of no return.

Bolton’s ambitions and Trump’s lack of knowledge and experience have put the United States in a situation of complete deadlock. As time passes the US administration sinks deeper into the swamp they have created themselves. Getting into a war or pulling back from their demands have both become impossible for them now.

The responsibility for all this rests on the shoulders of John Bolton and Rudi Giuliani and other warmongers who fed the president with false data and assessments and paved the ground for dragging the White House into the present deadlock.

The Bush administration entered into the war with Iraq in 2003 to bring peace and security to the region. How do they explain this to the families of over 4000 US servicemen and women killed in Iraq whose loved ones lost their lives in Iraq because some few individuals wanted to attack Saddam Hussein for supporting terrorist groups like the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization? The group which they are now supporting themselves.

US forces eventually pulled out of Iraq only to leave the situation much worse than before. In Syria the US intervention did not help anyone and Trump himself was a critic of his country’s military involvement there. In Afghanistan, US officials are negotiating with the Taliban after invading the country and changing their regime. The Israelis in Gaza and the Saudis in Yemen are involved in endless devastating wars which have no winners.

War with Iran is the dearest wish of John Bolton and other warmongers such as Rajavi, but none of them give a thought to the outcome for the US and do not care a jot about the country’s national interests.

But at the end of the day, Donald Trump should pay the price and be responsible toward his people. The American people have paid the price of all the US wars from Vietnam to Iraq.

It is the critical duty of the American nation and its elected representatives to stop John Bolton and remove him from the White House before it is too late, to go back to the nuclear deal and forget about the regime change policy, and lift the unjustified sanctions imposed on the people of Iran.

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