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Become acquainted with a sect called MKO

An Iranian opposition group called People’s  Mujahedin (MKO). It had a base in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and cooperated closely with the dictator. Now it must leave the country. And sets up in Oslo.

Ebrahim Khadabandeh Ebrahim Khadabandeh. He has spent decades of his life as a member. Now he warns others against the organization.
 Ebrahim Khadabandeh has bitter experiences in it. He has spent decades of his life as a member of MKO. Now he warns others against the organization.

He was a member of MKO’s international affairs. He resided in London and his main responsibility was to care contacts with British parliamentarians. The organization gives priority to such works. Ebrahim knew well how important it was in the organization’s propaganda, when the organization’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, was recently received in the Norwegian Sorting.

We owe the reader to announce that Ebrahim is on loan from Evin prison, accused of having link to an opposition organization. He was arrested on the border with Syria, with two millions of dollars in cash, which the organization wanted to ensure that it was no longer safe in Iraq. First, he detained in Syrian prison – where was the "absolutely bad", he says, before he arrived in Evin prison – as "not so bad". There, he read books among other things, about the cults and sects. He says MKO is a sect.

MKO as a sect
"You know," he says, "that at higher levels in the organization only women can be leaders. the reason externally provided is that women have been oppressed. And you want to ‘make up’ for this. But the actual reason is that Massoud Rajavi, the leader, and husband of Maryam Rajavi, fears male rivals. Women will not challenge him. "

So he has deprived male authority competition  and has given women authority over men. Foremost among the women is Maryam Rajavi, his wife. Massoud calls it "an ideological revolution".

Maryam was the first woman to become another MKO leader. She was the ex- wife of the second person[Mehdi Abrishamchi] of the organization. Mehdi Abrishamchi was then obliged ‘to express his great joy’ to be able to contribute to ‘the ideological association’ between his wife and Massoud Rajavi.

Ebrahim believes it is the sign of a cult , the leader marries the wife of another leader in this way.

"Another aspect of the MKO as a sect is that you always have to follow the leader," he says. "The leader is all that matters, and everyone must follow his wishes. Maryam Rajavi says it in this way: ‘One may doubt God. But we cannot doubt Massoud. " No organization is allowed to doubt him. "

"Leader and the cause are superior to everything," said Ebrahim. "Family and children lead you away from these. Therefore, Massoud decided that the children of MKO members should be sent to other countries, to be adopted or raised there. The members did not have contact with them. Slogan was ‘All for the head!’ "

– "What happened to the children?" We ask.
– "Some will not talk about it. Others have mental problems. While others have returned to Iraq and joined the MKO. Totally, we are talking about around 1,000 people. "
He does one say may well be the rule in Iran. He does not own either. But he considers himself enticed by the MKO.

"MKO bears all the signs of a cult," he says. "It has a self-appointed leader. The organization has a totalitarian structure. The leader has complete control over all members’ lives. The organization uses manipulation techniques to influence people. "
Remains a cult

– "But how could the organization be survived as a cult for many years?”

– "The organization requires hard working by the members," he says. "The members are tired. They do not currently go. They can only read the organization’s publications. They live within cults boundaries. Psychologically, they are locked up. Most are also physically isolated. "

– "But why are you worried about the MKO as a cult?"

– "A cult is like a landmine," he says. "It can explode, and is dangerous. Landmines must be dug up. "
He said: "We have a picture of Iran, in the form of a story. It is about a scorpion and a frog. "And then he gives us the story:

"Scorpion was over a river. But it could not swim and then asked a frog to sit on its back. ‘But you’re a scorpion,’ said the frog. ‘Out on the river, you can stab me. “‘Then I drown myself,’ said the scorpion. So the frog let it sit on.

In mid-river, the scorpion stings him, dooming the two of them. ‘Why did you do that? “ Asked the frog. The other said: ‘I am when I sting! Because I am a scorpion.’ “
Ebrahim says its cool logic, unpredictable and dangerous.

Cult changing faces
He said MKO has several faces. And show the face based on whom they are talking to. When they speak to people in the West, take up the democratic and secular. But their face is "Islamic" and militants, when they see the benefit from it.

"Massoud does not believe in a fixed opinion or ideology," he says. "Massoud is out of power. He is obsessed with the idea of becoming leader of Iran. "

– "Will he be there?"

– "MKO has no support in Iran, and will not be able to take power alone. They are dependent on help from others. Now they addressed themselves to the United States, and ask the U.S. to use them. They want the U.S. to give money and support, as Saddam Hussein did before. But the United States hesitates, for they know that the MKO is a cult. "

MKO or Rajavi group as it is called is now looking for an office in Oslo. They invite you to seminars and meetings. We will certainly hear more from them.

By Trond Ali Linstad 05/06/2008 – Tranalsted by Nejat Society 

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