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Rajavi’s Message: Symbol of a Leader’s Distress

The MKO’s long-time ideological leader, Mr. Massoud Rajavi’s recently published a message (April 2010) which is weighted with the MKO’s typically aggressive language. Rajavi presents various examples from among national heroes, religious leaders, saints and prophets. It is full of fallacious reasoning particularly used to manipulate and convince Ashraf residents. Here, Rajavi measures himself up to these figures. His words suggest he considers himself superior to them, but his futile effort to heighten the members’ spirits does not thrive because they have long been the audiences of such delusional sayings. Rajavi uses condescending language and erratic reasoning to affront the families whose loved ones remain in the camp.

Rajavi also accuses the IRI of launching a psychological campaign by "sending its spies" to Camp Ashraf in his ten-page propaganda campaign. Rajavi uses denial as a defense mechanism to suggest that "the families’ show" in front of Camp Ashraf is a conspiracy of both the Iranian and Iraqi governments. He attempts to make the members believe that there are, in fact, no real families, and that those people, with a very strong emotional presence, who are waiting at Ashraf gates are the regime’s mercenaries—actors who merely play the part of family members. Iraqi and Western media reports portray a number of grieving elderly whose beloved ones are barred from visiting them. Those awaiting people tell stories of the years of separation from their dear ones. Among those interviewed by the BBC, is a young girl who speaks of her eagerness to meet her father whom she has not seen since birth. There is a strong emotional presence near the gates of the camp .

Rajavi uses condescending language and erratic reasoning to affront the families whose loved ones remain in the camp. Further, Rajavi claims to be a follower and admirer of Mosadeq (the Iranian President who nationalized the oil industry in the 1950’s) and quotes his words, saying, "My family is my nation". Although he compares himself to, he fails to mention the atrocities he and his followers committed against fellow Iranians during the eight years of being Saddam Hussein’s accomplice.
Further in the article, Rajavi compares himself with Noah and Camp Ashraf with Noah’s ark. , He interprets the Quran’s verses regarding Noah’s story and clearly sees himself superior to Noah by his criticism of the prophet. Noah who allegedly hesitated to deny his son, but Massoud Rajavi is determined to deny all families’ of Ashraf residents. These allegations are parts of Rajavi’s hard job to persuade Ashraf residents and indeed, signs of his total indigence in justifying his three-decade terrorist activities!

By: Mazda Parsi

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