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Rajavi’s message is a declare of war

Open Letter to President Nicolas Sarkozy To President Nicolas Sarkozy Dear Mr. President

In our previous letter entitled ‘Exigency of Monitoring Mojahedin’s Moves’ it was asserted that a close monitoring of MKO’s run media deem necessary to develop an exactly calculated judgment of MKO’s positions and its long-term objectives that jeopardize your government and French social health and impede the counter-terrorist measures. MKO’s ideologically hideous and cult-like activities are disguised under its spectacularly made democratic claims and slogans.

It is impossible to develop a deep understanding of the group’s labyrinthine structure unless its philosophy of formation since four decades is well studied. Manifestations of conflicting ideas and Machiavellianism in its ideological infrastructure as well as manipulation of cult-like techniques to have control over the insiders and operatives enable MKO to exploit whatever existing potentiality and leverage in the West in general and France in particular to accomplish its long and short term objectives. Thus, being naturally an outlawed and terrorist outfit, from its very initiation it has strongly championed a strategy of armed struggle; even in its seemingly democratic campaign and propagation you can hardly observe nonthreatening tone and remarks.

For instance, incorporated in Massoud Rajavi’s message delivered from his hideout on July 3, the West and legal bodies as well as the group’s dissidents are unequivocally warned of a violent backlash. In June 2003 event when French police raided the group’s properties including its base in Auvers-sur-Oise and detained 160 suspected MKO members including its leader Maryam Rajavi, Pierre de Bousquet de Florian, head of France’s domestic intelligence service, was reported to have claimed that the group has "transforming its Val d’Oise centre into an international terrorist base". And you, at the time French Interior Minister, declared that the MKO "recently wanted to make France its support base, notably after the intervention in Iraq". All these indicate that you have been aware of and acknowledged the terrorist nature of MKO and will never let sanctuaries be provided for the group in France unlike what did Saddam in Iraq.

Of course, your previously shown antagonistic counter-MKO position and remarks never left the filter of the group unnoticed. They waited to retaliate and their best granted opportunity was to campaign in Ms. Ségolène Royal front against you although at the first look it seemed to be a legally social move. With respect to its terrorist-cult drifts, MKO hardly leave a task unaccomplished and its leaders’ messages to the members and sympathizers contain incitements for provoking social and political chaos. Rajavi’s recent message is not an exception; concerning violent harassment and liquidation of the dissidents and critics, he makes no distinction between the ranks when he says:

Here, at the vital artery of the resistance, there is no place to differentiate a compatriot from a sympathizer or members and ranks from the Council’s head.

He unequivocally approves violent reaction against the detached members as done by the group’s desperados in a Paris conference. He believes whoever leaves the group is a betrayer who engages in an insidious plot with Iranian regime against the organization:

”Absolute boycott of wilayat Faqih regime demarcates the red line of struggle for freedom. Overpassing this red line that draws the vital borderline against theocracy culminates in detachment of dissident individuals and groups from the opposition to become betrayers. ”

Such words uttered by the leader of a terrorist group indicate nothing but an issued order to warrant assault on whoever that for any ideological and political cause disaccords the group. It has to be recalled that for Mojahedin whoever stands with the Iranian regime against the group, being them its critics, French or any other country, judicial systems, international organizations, is the foe battling against enthroning the group that has been struggling as the most Marxist-dedicated and violent Iranian opposition since forty years. The foes have to be challenged and MKO advocates the most violent, cult-like moves to defy the opponents. We have already warned you about the group’s potential threat and Rajavi’s flagrant tone attacking European politicians is actually activating the alarm:

”Now, let me in this respect consider the totally ludicrous labeling and the political traders of the EU, especially ‘the honorable dealer’ Javier Solana who has gain nothing of his serial meetings with Akhond Hassan Ruhani and Pasdar Ali Larijani.”


Mr. president,

Owning no weight in the political mainstream of Iran, MKO is sharpening its knives for a possible encounter with whoever, as Rajavi claims, joins the unified front of so many different opposition parties formed to defy Mojahedin-e Khalq. As the Rajavi draws the boundary, of course you are supposed to be the foe forming an alliance with the Islamic Republic. Consequently, countermeasures to confront the group’s violent reaction deems essential and necessary.

No sooner had the State Department and the EU announced MKO a terrorist cult that Rajavi, as the guru, addresses you from an authoritative position:

The French government and judiciary should suspend the shameful dossier of June 17. This dossier is known to be the blackest smear in the European’s counter-terrorism moves in an attempt to appease the Iranian dictatorial theocracy.

That is MKO’s position taken against one of the most democratic countries wherein its members have been residing as refugees for more than two decade with granted political rights and freedom.


Mr. president,

Rajavi in his message acclaims the burned victims of the 17 June’s self-immolations and , thus, openly encourages the insiders and sympathizers residing in the Europe to take similar steps as the leverages of pressure against the EU and French judiciary system:

Hail Sedigheh and Neda, the blazing torches and everlasting lights of freedom, and other 23 blazing heroes ….


Mr. president,

Rajavi’s message of 3 July is an unexpectedly declared war against a front as wide as the West and Europe. Besides other counter-terrorist measures to confront MKO’s undeclared terrorist moves and threats, we urge you to have a supplementary, strict control over the suspected members and sympathizers of the group, especially those whose names are recorded in the June’s dossier. No doubt, our correspondences are evidences to corroborate the violent nature and cultist activities of MKO and to contribute developing a deep recognition of this terrorist cult.


Yours Sincerely


July, 2007



The EU Council of Ministers

French Interior Minister

French Persecutor General

Mr. Javier Solana

The Foreign Secretaries of the EU countries

The US State Department

The Human Rights Watch


Mojahedin.ws, July 2007

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