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The intrusive tone of Rajavi’s message

In his message of 26 January 2009, Rajavi once more expressed his delight over the removal of MKO from the EU terrorist list. The message, aside from repeating the cliché discussions as before, is mostly founded on perversion, fabrication, threat, sedition, and denouncement aiming at achieving his totalitarian objectives. A brief look at the main points of this message may reveal more facts about the true nature of the cult of Mojahedin.


1. He is putting the blame of the decision made by Iraqi government and the expulsion of Mojahedin on Iranian government stating “the closure of Ashraf is demanded and dictated by the reactionary, clerical regime and thus illegally unfounded”.

This claim is in fact the most apparent form of MKO’s interference in the internal affairs of Iraq and its legal government and has certain consequences. Rajavi makes an attempt to instigate Iraqi people against their government by introducing it as an illegitimate and illegal organ. He does so to sidetrack his full cooperation with Saddam in oppressing Iraqi people and all his crimes and brutal acts as Saddam’s main supporter and ally. Also, he poses challenge to the independence and sovereignty of Iraq to intensify its internal tensions and sidetrack the attentions from the issue of the expulsion of Mojahedin.


2. Rajavi in his message declares that “I openly announce to be heared: Iranian people and resistance as well as Ashraf Mojaheds never surrender to the dictated will and policy of the religious fascism governing Iran”.

Making these statements in which he has replaced the term Iraqi government with Iranian government, he implies his decision on initiating war against the Iraqi government by gesture. In fact he has no scruples about making an all-out war against the Iraq since he has already made the ground for it by means of intensifying the internal tensions of Iraq as well as making the naively made claim of winning the support of 5.2 million Iraqi people. Undoubtedly, Mojahedin have their most hostile position toward Iraqi government and their present status in Iraq corresponds to that of 1980’s in Iran when they passed a so-called political phase and then entered the phase of armed struggle against Iranian government. All their false claims on taking a tolerant position toward Iranian government were futile. As the facts prove, as soon as Rajavi got the illusion of the possibility of his coming to power in Iran, he initiated an armed struggle the result of which was victimizing his followers in a way that now after three decades has reached a cul-de-sac. The hostile position taking of Mojahedin in a country where they are to receive political asylum well reveals Rajavi’s psychopathic ambitiousness and megalomania.  

3. Rajavi quotes Mojgan Parsaee of the possibility of the occurrence of a cultic and human disaster, that is, a general “hunger strike to death”. In fact, it is a warning to Iraqi officials of an imminent war. He also refers to the decision of the EU and tries to use it as a proof on the legitimacy of MKO’s settlement in Iraq. Furthermore, he claims that the name of Mojahedin has never been in the terrorist list of the Security Council. It seems that he has forgotten the recent statement of the White House and Obama on endorsing the terrorist nature of Mojahedin. Now Rajavi has resorted to making a gap between FBI and the US state department as a new trick to pave the way for his misusing the EU decision making.  

4. Rajavi in his message states “During invasion to Iraq in March and April 2003, I ordered Mojahedin and NLA warriors to tolerate and fire not against American forces despite their bombardments and firing. It has been approved and signed in a “ceasefire” contract between American forces and MKO/NLA in 15 April, 2003”.

This is the funniest part of Rajavi’s message. As used to, Rajavi petitions in a reverse form. Due to his extreme illusionist and egotistic personality, Rajavi denies his total compulsory surrender to the US forces in 2003 and considers it as a deliberate action. Whether his statement I ordered Mojahedin and NLA warriors to tolerate and fire not against American forces despite their bombardments and firing is the result of his illusion or is part of a new trick is ambiguous. However, it is evident that the claim of the Don Quixote of the third millennium is making the American forces burst into laughter more than anybody else. The only difference between Saddam and Rajavi in the course of coalition forces’ invasion to Iraq is that contrary to his ally, Rajavi and his wife had left Camp Ashraf a long time before. An act that surprised the residents of Camp Ashraf more than others when they found out that their she-guru, Maryam Azdanlu, has left Camp Ashraf for her luxurious residence in France. Rajavi’s pretending to have surrendered to disarmament willingly despite availing military and logistic superiority over coalition forces is mostly insulting for residents of Ashraf who felt the pain of failure and surrender by heart and soul and it comes only from an ill and psychopathic mind or a big charlatan.  

5. Simple mindedness and naiveté of Rajavi is well-defined when he claims that Iran can no longer enforce Iraq to expel Mojahedin for their terrorist charges. It aims two objectives. First, leading to passivity and silence of Iraqi officials on the issue of MKO’s remaining in Iraq and second, in case if Iraqi officials insist on their legal decision, Rajavi may grab at international levers to provoke internal tensions of Iraq. However, the statements of Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, Iraqi national security advisor, made a few days after Rajavi’s message on the determination of Iraq to expel Mojahedin awaked Rajavi from his daydreamings. Not only he emphasized on the expulsion of Mojahedin but also asserted that Iraqi judiciary would prosecute 14 high rankings of MKO for their violations of human rights in Iraq. These statements were a telling retort to Rajavi who makes an attempt to stabilize the position of MKO in Iraq by means of fabrication, pressure, and propaganda blitz. Mowaffaq al-Rubaie stated openly that the vote of the EU has no effect on the decision making of Iraq. Also, he informed Mojahedin of Iraq’s conferring with some European countries on determining the destiny of Mojahedin and it proves further the naiveté of Rajavi since it is evident that the EU decision is never considered a must for Iraqi government. Consequently and despite all activities of Rajavi, the main issue of expelling Mojahedin from Iraq is still of effect and pursued legally.  

6. Rajavi further maintains that from now on, commuting from and to Camp Ashraf is a legal right of Mojahedin and Iraqi government cannot prevent it. In fact he means that by doing so, the Iraqi government may avoid hatred and anger of Iraqi citizens. It is obvious that Rajavi is openly interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq and tries to escalate tensions. His words are in absolute contradiction with international conventions that puts the responsibility of providing security for political refugees on the country if it has ever granted asylum. Now, it is not clear what Mojahedin have to do with insurgent groups in Iraq and what are the objectives followed by them. However, it is clear that calling a number of these dissidents as Iraqi citizens, or whatever the Iraqi government is the only authorized source to call, aims at intensifying internal tension and disorder. The Iraqi government is well aware of the main objectives of Mojahedin and also its absolute right of controlling those entering and exiting Camp Ashraf.   

In a nutshell, the efforts of Rajavi for misusing the war-torn and unstable conditions of Iraq for achieving his objective in keeping his ideological bastion, i.e. Camp Ashraf, are vain. He is well aware that the sole looser in this play is himself and a number of MKO members who are victims of ambitious and egocentric objectives of a cult leader.


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