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US’s Tone over MKO Changes

In the latest report of State Department’s "Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism", released on 30th of April, which lists the names of groups designated by the US as terrorist organizations, includes again the names of Mojahedin-e Khalq and all its cover names such as NCRI, NLA and …

This new report has more serious tone on MKO than previous ones. One of the aspects of this report is its stress on issues like: MKO’s violence, its cult-like properties and being dangerous, that it is hated by Iranians, groups internal relations and compulsory divorces as well as weekly cleansing sessions and separating kids from their parents, and MKO leaders and members’ readiness to repeat terrorist acts across the world.

The sixth chapter of the new report, published this week by "Office of the Coordination for Counterterrorism", covers the issue of "terrorist groups", which as usual contains the name of MKO and its cover names among other terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, Ansar Al-Sunnah and ….

U.S. law requires the Secretary of State to provide Congress, by April 30 of each year, a full and complete report on terrorism with regard to those countries and groups meeting criteria set forth in the legislation.

Department of Treasury is also required to freeze and confiscate the properties and assets of all designated groups.

Irandidban –  2007/05/03


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