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Rajavi’s retreat after crisis

Near a year after post presidential election incidents in Iran and the failure of futile efforts of opportunist Iranian oppositions in exile, Massoud Rajavi confesses his signal defeat. Rajavi’s recent message on May Day signals his retreat from his all previous claims and promises.

When in June 2009,Iran was the scene of post-election protests, MKO attempted to mobilize its forces to surf on the waves of Iranian youth’s emotions but the efforts didn’t succeeded so Rajavi came into the conclusion that the "uprising" started in Iran, did lacked " a competent leadership" otherwise the situation in Iran would be completely different . Thus, in order to prove his claims, he seriously criticizes heads of the protests.

Such a reaction by Rajavi who once was offering sympathy for the heads of protesters, pretending himself and his cult as a part of Iranian opposition against results of presidential election, leads us to the fact that his dream (overthrowing the regime of Tehran) didn’t come true.

The crisis monger of Rajavi’s cult made futile efforts both in propaganda and operational phases to light the fire of protests in Iran. Now, no way is left for Massoud Rajavi but using displacement mechanism to put the blame on others. Addressing his imaginary evidence, MKO’s leader, stuck in his contradictory ideas, represents the ambiguity of the organization’s ideas.

As it has been always a particular characteristic of Rajavi, he attempts to magnify his declining cult. He claims that "the only way to get rid of international pressure towards its nuclear program for Iranian regime is to displace the pressure on Camp Ashraf."(!) So he calls the imaginary audience for uprising to defend Ashraf. His narcissism syndrome has turned into a psychological complex that he suffers from so to relieve his distress he keeps on publishing messages.

By: Mazda Parsi

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