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Illegality, Fundamental Crisis for Rajavi’s Gang

After Saddam, no government is going to accept the MKO. As it seems, there’s a consensus against this group. This is the reality of this group’s political position which puts it on the top of discredited political groups.

Rejecting its appeal in the US, the decision of Iraqi government to expel the group from the country and finally the recent decision by ECOFIN Council to keep the MKO on the list of groups whose assets have been frozen is part of this consensus.

This consensus is not because of MKO’s political importance (which totally lacks), but it’s because of group’s efforts to impose itself on a country.

Western governments, particularly the US and Western Europe, have concluded that the gang of Rajavi is a criminal cult whose claims of democracy are all meaningless and that it’s an anti-democratic movement. Therefore, they try to avoid supporting such a cult. They also repeat their positions occasionally to warn the supporters and agents of the group about their positions.

With a brief review of MKO’s efforts during past 20 years, it could be easily understood that the diplomacy of MKO is self-deceptive.

By collecting the signatures of Parliamentarians and those unaware of group’s status and by boasting about these signatures, the MKO has practically proved that its claims and behaviors are all unreal.

For instance, on the issue of Iraqi government’s decision to expel the terrorist cult from the country, the MKO tries to put the US army in front of Iraqi government in order to pretend that the American army is responsible for their case while the position of Iraqi government is in full coordination with the Coalition.

It’s natural that the issue that is decisively expressed by the Iraqi government has been discussed multilaterally and that American officials have assigned the Iraqi government with solving the issue. They are, in fact, approving such decision by remaining silent on the issue.

On the other hand, Rajavi’s remnants try to resist the order of Iraqi govnerment by continuing to collect signatures. However, this method has also proved to be useless for taking the group out of terror list.

Resorting to such methods shows that the MKO is discredited around the world and that no one wants to help them.

Only deals with warmongers and Zionist lobby has helped them survive, which in current situation, seems to be ineffective for the group.


Irandidban –  2007/02/04

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