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The Gang of Rajavi is Collapsing

In an unprecedented way, the MKO’s stupid propaganda system is reflecting how its supporters and members in gatherings have decreased.

The gang of Rajavi could gather only 35 supporters in Geneva, 12 in Munich and 17 in London to show the support for its policies; this indicates that the gang of Rajavi is bankrupt.

Decrease in the number of forces and those who used to take part in MKO gatherings can have 3 reasons:

1. After Maryam Rajavi escaped and Massoud surrendered himself, and when the members were left alone and Saddam was toppled, many of MKO members are discourage and disappointed of MKO’s policies.

2. MKO’s shortage of budget, formerly provided in large amounts by Saddam Hussein, has deprived the motivation from many of their supporters. That’s why the MKO insists on execution of the ruling of the First Instance Court (to compensate the shortage of money).

3. It seems that there have been some measures taken to limit MKO’s access to refugee camps. Formerly, they could easily get to the camps and get supporting forces.

 Anyway, what the MKO is now boasting as "assemblies and gatherings" can be interpreted as a political scandal, showing that the group is collapsing and dismantling.

 Irandidban –  2007/02/28

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