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Rajavi’s Gang, From National to Global Terrorism

There’s no doubt that the appeasement of the West, particularly the US, with terrorists is the most important factor in endangering the countries of the world and their people; the issue has become so significant that today "International terrorism" is considered to be one of the main international security threats and controlling it requires considerable attention by governments and international community.

Two clear examples of this issue (appeasement with terrorists) are those of Al-Qaeda and Mujahieen-e Khalq.

What started during the Cold War by the US in Afghanistan- against the Soviet Union- and later took the form of Taliban to protect the interests of oil companies and secure oil pipes has turned into today’s "Al-Qaeda", which is responsible for many of bloody terrorist operations in the world.

Terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e khalq also has similar situation. When the Western countries ignored its terrorist operations, they didn’t think that it would become a threat for their own national security.

Terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq, led by the murderous gang of Rajavi, has for years tried- by bribery and interfering in election campaigns- to help the victory of people they thought would be supporters of the group.

This is not the whole story; facing deep and unsolvable problems, the bankrupt gang of Rajavi resorts to interference in other countries’ internal affairs with mafia-like methods to achieve their goals.

In addition to documents on MKO’s interference in parliamentary elections in UK and the US and bribing some individuals and groups, murderers of Rajavi in Iraq hired remnants of Baath party and Saddam regime to effect the process of elections in Iraq. They acted extremely against Shiites and went further to the level of threatening independent political forces.

MKO was emboldened by the experience of interfering in Iraqi elections, where no one had protested to its activities. Therefore, they decided to do the same in French presidential campains.

Like Al-Qaeda, MKO needs terrorist activities in order to hide their failures and to come out of crisis.

Reports from France indicate that remnants of Rajavi have taken part in clashes after the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy and that they have been involved in organizing some of the unrest in parts of Paris and Parisian.

The gang of Rajavi has ordered its members and the people they hired (nearly 2000) to avoid direct clashes with police and of course being chased and only engage in instigating young immigrants.

Heinous acts by the MKO in 2003 and after Maryam Rajavi’s detention in France, bloody interferences of this group in Iraq that still continue as well as its interferences in political affairs of France show well that the group has changed from "national terrorist" group to an "international terrorist organization".

This function indicates that the bankrupt remnants of Rajavi are desperately trying the last resorts and have serous plans for encountering the Western countries. From now on, we would witness more of such encounters.

This is undoubtedly a small part of threats by Rajavi’s terrorist group against the Western countries. These threats are the outcomes of Western politicians’ appeasement with MKO when taking advantage of this group.


Irandidban – 2007/05/10


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