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News Censored by Rajavi’s Gang

Censorship has always been a controlling tool for the leaders in the gang of Rajavi.

Immediately after the Islamic revolution (in 1979), MKO leaders pretended to be boycotting governmental press in order to block their members’ and supporters’ access to free media. This kind of censorship was expanded in the following years and took a different shape when the MKO members were restricted to Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

In this kind of censorship, even two people were banned from talking to each other in private and members were prevented from calling their families.

This situation continues today despite all efforts by humanitarian activists. MKO leaders use censorship to feed the members with selected news and to deceive them with sectarian analyses.

Censorship is so much important for MKO’s Gestapo that they even censor the news reaching MKO supporters and members in Europe in order not to become informed of the news of the outside world.

For instance, in recent weeks, 90 percent of the news directly related to the situation of the group has been censored by the MKO desperately to prevent demoralization of members and their defections.

While the MKO boasts about the false reports on Jalal Talabani’s position against Iran and Syria, his denial (with direct hints to the MKO) and that Iraqi will expel the MKO from Iraq have been censored (Talabani talked about the MKO as the M.M organization, meaning the organization of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi).

Each time the Iraqi officials take stance against the MKO, Remnants of Rajavi hide behind the coalition forces and claim that their fate should be determined by the coalition military, but the censor the comments of Lord Triesman saying that Iraqi government is responsible for deciding about the MKO.

Another example of MKO censorship is about the comments of Raymond Tanter- main MKO supporter whose comments on the group receive great attention in MKO’s media. This time, the MKO censored reports on his interview with the Australian TV channel SBS because Tanter revealed that he supported the group because he wanted the group to be tool for warmongers. He said he didn’t believe in the MKO as an alternative for Iran. His comments showed how discredited the group is.

The stupid propaganda machine of the MKO exaggerates the comments of British Foreign Minister on Iran’s records of human rights while it censors her comments on the group itself!

Irandidban    2006/10/17

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