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Crisis of MKO Families Hightens

Nasrallah Majidi, former MKO commander, expelled from the group by Rajavi during cleansing operations in 1994 and tortured severely by MKO torturers (which caused him psychological problems), was forced this week by Camp Ashraf’s Gestapo to appear on TV and take position against his family!

In recent weeks, MKO leaders have repeatedly forced MKO members to stand against their families; these families had asked to meet their loved ones or they had written letters to the international communities asking for the savior of their loved ones.

MKO’s Gestapo has also forced these members to go to the US forces guarding Camp Ashraf and complaint about their families!

The presence of families in Camp Ashraf created a big crisis for the Gestapo of MKO so that they are still trying to resolve the issue and keep the members in the Camp.

The truth is that in order to keep the members inside the Camp, the MKO has always tried to cut the relation of its members with their families; they do not allow the members become aware of their families’ efforts to return their loved ones.

Following the fall of Saddam and breaking the censorship imposed by former security services of Iraq, MKO members sometimes find a chance to become informed of what their families do; in order to neutralize such efforts, the MKO forces the members to take stance against their families and say that their families work for the Iranian intelligence ministry!

However, despite all these efforts, more MKO members ask to meet their families.

The gang of Rajavi is determined to do anything in order not to allow the families to meet their loved ones. MKO leaders have recently admitted in MKO’s TV programs that they have interrogated, physically searched and pressed the families coming to Camp Ashraf to meet their children. Now, by going to US forces and complaining about families, they are taking a new step. We should expect more efforts by the MKO to resolve the crisis. This crisis is intensifying and it reveals more of the real nature of MKO and the relationships inside their camp.

Irandidban –  2006/10/18

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