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MKO’s Crisis Escalates with UN’s Move

After months of political struggle on Iran’s nuclear issue, the US took advantage of the Israeli war on Lebanon to pass a resolution against Iran in the UN Security Council; The Council that, under the pressure of the US, has so far failed to even condemn the crimes of the Israelis.

The US’s history, of course, is full of such unrighteous approaches. It is always looking for the approval of Capitulation in different countries, refuses to all Iraqi government to try US soldiers, and ….it also uses all diplomatic means to support Israel’s crimes.

Apart from the weaknesses and legal defections in the resolution, one can say that the approval of this resolution was aimed at diverting attentions from Israel crimes; even US ambassador to UN, John Bolton said in the UN that Iran’s nuclear issue was more important than the crisis in Lebanon!

However, the interesting point is that Maryam Rajavi, representing Massoud Rajavi’s treacherous gang, rushed to welcome this anti-Iran resolution to prove her faithfulness to Americans (whom she hopes will support her after Saddam Hussein).

The main purpose of Maryam Rajavi, of course, is to boost the morale of restricted MKO members who have been waiting for this resolution for years.

While those who passed this resolution admit that sanctions will have no political impact on Iran, MKO leaders try to introduce it as an important issue that will save the group. But the gang of Rajavi will face more severe problems from now on, since the hopes they gave their members were tied to the referral of Iran’s case to UN Security Council and a resolution against Iran.

However, now that a resolution has been passed against Iran, MKO leaders have to use more energy to keep the members and make them hopeful about the next stage. In fact, the members who have been locked in Iraq for more than 18 years have lost most of their capabilities so that the major problems for the group are: efforts of the forces to leave the group and efforts of the group to keep and control them.

Predicting future’s events depends on several factors, but it’s hard to say that diplomatic solutions will be excluded from Iran’s agenda.

On the other hand, even if we expect a process for Iran like those of North Korea or Iraq, Rajavi’s gang should still think about keeping its low morale members in Ashraf for the next 10 years, the time that will never be given to this group by the Iraqi government.

Irandidban    2006/08/03

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