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Rajavi’s Gang Expresses Support for Israel Crimes

As expected, the gang of Rajavi, by following the guidelines of Dan Gillerman and John Bolton (Israel and US ambassadors to the UN), supported the Israeli regime and accused Iran of igniting the fire of war in the Middle East and Lebanon, and asked for all-out sanctions against Iran.

In a hurried and desperate move, notorious gang of Rajavi linked the Israel’s aggression against Palestine and Lebanon to the recent decision of the west to return Iran’s nuclear case to the UN Security Council, while the preplanned aggression of Israelis started more than 20 days ago.

Maryam Rajavi, expressing MKO’s treacherous stance, stressed warmonger neocons’ strategy in the Middle East and claimed that Iran opposes peace in the Middle East and the establishment of democracy in Iraq.

To assure the masters that there are no real changes in policies of MKO, Maryam Rajavi- who became brave to condemn the killing of civilians after George W. Bush and Condi Rice expressed their positions- reminds Israelis of the fact that the conflict in Lebanon and Palestine strengthens Iran’s support for Palestinians.

So, the treacherous gang of Rajavi, which tries to use this chance to instigate Israel and warmongers to attack Iran, admits that Israel has started this conflict and that claim of Iran’s interferences is only part of a psychological war created by Israelis to cover their failures.

Rajavi’s gang has always yearned for a position like those of Hizballah and Hamas; Maryam Rajavi claimed that Iran has sent a cargo of weapons and missiles to Lebanon! If true, this should be done by all Islamic and Arab countries to counter the threats and aggressions of Israel.

Although the gang of Rajavi repeats unacceptable justifications of Israelis [for their crimes] in order to save its itself from unending crises, there’s no doubt that taking such positions- in addition to cooperation with Saddam- makes the group the most hated group in the region.

Irandidban    2006/07/18

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