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Rajavi’s Gang, Israeli Crimes’ Ally

Let’s imagine that the members and supporters of MKO are free enough to ask questions from MKO officials (that is totally impossible); only this and nothing more. Then, the question is: why the MKO doesn’t take position against the crimes of Israel?

When asked, or being protested to, by other political groups or dissident members about staying silent towards the crimes of Americans and Israelis, about Saddam, occupation of Iraq and killing innocent Palestinians, Rajavi and the spokespersons of his gang have repeatedly claimed that:

"We (MKO) are faithful to only one principle, namely toppling the regime of Iran. We never quit our principles and take all opportunities to get to our goals. We have nothing to do with secondary issues and we are only focused on our own goals."

This answer, considered as a clever response by MKO officials, can convince some people in short term but it is contradictory itself.

Using any possible means to get to goals can’t be called "being faithful to principles"; this is only a failure.

The goals of MKO, expressed by Rajavi as "toppling Iranian regime", have been repeatedly questioned. The most logical way for a principle-bound movement to disarm its enemies was to take clear stances. But Rajavi’s gang confirmed what is being said about its nature and its treacherous stances, but didn’t quit flattering big powers.

It was an exceptional for the MKO to prove its independence from Saddam regime as well as being faithful to principles by taking clear stance towards Saddam dictatorship in suppressing and killing Iraqis, by condemning Saddam’s aggression against Kuwait and by accepting UN’s initiative to introduce Saddam as the aggressor in Iran-Iraq war; however, MKO never dared to do so.

Doesn’t MKO now claim that it’s representing Iranians? Isn’t it true that all Iranians unanimously want the condemnation and punishment of Israeli government?

Rajavi’s liar gang introduces itself as the strategic ally of Iraqis; don’t they see the anger of Iraqis from Israeli crimes? Then, why don’t they accompany Iraqis (in this issue)?

Isn’t it true that recognizing Israel’s peace process (introduced by Maryam Rajavi as a privilege for the gang) means approving Israeli’s crimes against Palestinian and Lebanese people?

Considering MKO’s stances during past years (particularly after Rajavi’s detention)- supporting Israel’s peace process, introducing Iran as an obstacle for Israel’s stability, introducing Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist organizations, and conducting propagandistic and operational activities to pave the way for Israel’s invasion to Syria (considered by MKO as a step toward attacking Iran)- one should say that the reason for the silence of Rajavi’s gang lies within the full dependence of MKO to this racist regime.

Apart from covert deals of Rajavi’s gang with secret services and fear from lack of logistical support of power, abject silence of MKO during past two years towards the crimes of Israel, crimes of Serbs and massacring Muslims in Bosnia, crimes of occupiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and … comes from Rajavi’s logic that "condemning these will boost Iranian regime"!!

In fact, MKO members and leaders should ask themselves "What does Iran say that condemning Israeli crimes will boost the regime?"

Irandidban  – 2006/07/16

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