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Iraq will not tolerate terrorist Mojahedin Khalq

LONDON, September 24 (IranMania) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki said that from the beginning Iran accepted the new situation in Iraq and established political ties with it, and “this is laudable“.

In an interview with the international Jaam-e Jam TV Network, Maliki added that these are important steps and Iraqi politicians must praise Iran’s standpoint, because these steps can help establish strong and sound bilateral bonds, IRNA reported.

Commenting on the presence of the members of the banned Mujahideen Khalq Organization (MKO) in Iraq, he said, “The Prime Minister’s office has notified the terrorist group to leave Iraq within six months. We will not permit them to stay in Iraq after this period and international institutions are responsible for their prolonged stay. MKO cooperated with the former Iraqi regime and is the accomplice of terrorists. They do not have a good image in Iraq and we do not want a group in our country which is opposed to our good neighbor.“

With regard to Iraq’s insecurity, he said, “Terrorists in Iraq are followers of the former Baathist and extremist forces, and are backed by foreign elements.“

He stressed that the Iraqi government has devised plans and tactics for confronting the terrorists.

“We have been successful to an extent. Restoring security to Iraq paves the ground for economic development and political reforms,“ he said.

Maliki emphasized that terrorists know no limits and believe in no religions.

In relation to Saddam’s trial, Maliki said, “This is being followed up by the Iraqi judiciary and nobody has the right to interfere in this issue.“

IranMania, September 24, 2006

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