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MKO Efforts to Set-Up Crisis in Iraq

Terrorist group of Mujahideen-e Khalq has an active role in stoking the fire of division among tribes of Iraq; the officials of the group, sponsoring terrorists of Diali province, have met a number of tribes’ leaders in Camp Ashraf. In the meetings, MKO has expressed criticism toward the elections in Iraq, announcing it as fraud. It has also warned the Sunni sheikhs that the Shiites want to eliminate all Sunnis in the case of getting to power.

The news published by this group is aimed at taking Iraq into chaos and anarchy. In this regard, MKO has announced that "List 555" has corrupted the votes in large scale in Baghdad, particularly in "Soreh" and "Jamileh" districts and that, supporters of this list have prevented Fili Kurds from casting their votes. On the other hand, they assault the national elected government propagandistically and accuse police and interior ministry of not allowing the participation of Fili Kurds in the elections.

We don’t know why some Iraqi groups are favored this much by the terrorist organization of Mujahideen-e khalq while the history shows that it was involved in massacring Iraqis in the north and that they beat Iraqi citizens in Abu Ghraib district when commuting in the region?

This terrorist group does its best to create new conflicts in the ties between Iran and its neighbors. Particularly, they claimed that Iran sent a truck of forged ballots to Diali province and southern Iraq! Some terrorist partners of this organization are also repeating these claims without having any evidences. Where is this truck? Why it was not shown on TV? Why the drivers, claimed by the MKO to be arrested, are not introduced to the Iraqis?

The propaganda of this organization have targeted the national elected government of Iraq and this itself proves their filthy intents; for the following reasons, this organization should be prosecuted:

1. Interfering in Iraq’s internal affairs, holding meetings and conferences with terrorist leaders in Iraq and supporting terrorists; these acts heighten insecurity in Iraq.

2. Involvement of this group in war crimes of Baath regime and massacring Iraqis in the north and south as well as its participation in attacking neighbors of Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

3. Propagandistic activities against Iraqi people, and efforts for making division among Iraqi ethnic groups.

4. Efforts to corrupt the elected government and its ministers.

5. Releasing newspaper without the agreement of Parliament and Iraqi Premiere.

6. Taking advantage of journalists, athletes and sheikhs of some Iraqi tribes for the purposes against Iraq and Iraqis.

We, as Iraqis, ask the UN Security Council, Human Rights Organization, neighboring countries and coalition forces to issue a statement on this terrorist group to call for the trial of the group officials outside Iraq. We ask Arab League to intervene in the issue; and we call on Arab countries not to give shelter to this terrorist group.

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