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Efforts in Favor of Terrorism

Two days ago, I saw a report by NCRI stating that the Rt Hon the Lord Fraser of Carmyllie QC, speaking to a conference at the British Houses of Parliament on December 7, had stressed de-proscription of MKO. He was quoted to have started by saying:

Some time ago, earlier this year, I had the privilege and the pleasure of going over to Paris to meet with Mrs. Rajavi and if anyone here has not met her, I entirely agree with the assessment of her, that she is one of the most charismatic leaders in the world and if you haven’t met her, it is time people took the opportunity to try and see her.

I do not know whether Lord Fraser was beguiled by Maryam Rajavi’s ceremonial and stylish manner of conduct of the husband nominated president and naïve of her past terrorist conducts when he assessed her as a charismatic leader of the world or he believes in the same policy she does. I have tried convincing myself that Lord Fraser, a nice man expressing deep concern about Iranian people’s suffering, has never heard Maryam Rajavi’s expression, a military commander active in Iraq under Saddam, that all girls and women under her command were ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with Iraqi forces to die for the great leader Saddam Hussein as she did.

Maryam Rajavi, traveled from Iraq to France in 1993 as the conductor of deception strategy to fill the political campaign gap out of the cult. In all her messages from Paris to the military system based in Iraq, she emphasized that “everything at the end is bomb, bullet and gun.” Her disguise as a pro-democrat does not imply she has quit terrorist acts forever, but temporarily in order to dupe a few unaware parliamentarians.

Karim Haghi, a defected member once serving as a bodyguard of the Rajavis, in an interview confirmed that "Mrs. Rajavi told us to kill them [Kurds] with tanks and try to preserve our bullets for other operations. We were forced to kill both Kurds and Shiites, and I said I didn’t come here to kill other people."

Lord Fraser’s concluding words does indicate that he is fully aware of what he intends:

Mr. Chairman, as you well you know, I am strongly supportive of all the endeavours of this group to achieve its aims and the first thing we must do is the de-proscription of the PMOI.

It is so regrettable to see that at a time when the world is distressed by the nightmare of a terrorism domination and has initiated a unanimous battle to thwart its threat, some people representing as the defenders of their nation’s rights vow to be defenders of globally blacklisted terrorists who have betrayed their own nation.

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