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The MKO and its associates back more crisis in Iraq

While the current crisis in Iraq is in the spotlight of the International Community, the issue of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) seems trivial. However, authentically the MKO plays the part of an old buzzard who feed on dispute and conflict. If there is no conflict in the region and/or between Iran and the West its existence will come to an end.

There also seems to be layers upon layers of various groups who don’t want an accord between the West and Iran, each for his own interest. In order to reach their goals, they do not care who to side with.

As the MKO calls the terrorist extremists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as "Iraqi revolutionary forces and tribes", their sponsors in the European Parliament claimed the violent acts were not carried out by ISIS, but were “part of a popular uprising” against Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. [1]

Eldar Mamedov who is a political adviser for the social-democrats in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (EP) and is in charge of the delegation for inter-parliamentary relations between the EP and Iran, criticized the controversial act of three major MKO sponsors in the EP Alejo Vidal Quadras, Paul Casaca and Struan Stevenson who recently created the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA), a “new NGO with the mission of improving the political and human rights situation in Iraq.”[2]

Just as one evidence to make sure that the Iraqi crisis is never a “popular uprising”, it is clear in the terrified faces of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled Mosul. So what benefits the MKO and its supporters in EP to make alliance with ISIS terrorists?

Eldar Mamedov seems to have found the answer," There is no shortage of people arguing that Iran holds excessive influence over Iraq and that Maliki has aggravated many of Iraq’s problems, so why did these MEPs resort to downplaying the horrors of ISIS’ actions in calling for an end to Tehran’s hold on Baghdad?

"A clue appears in the EIFA’s emphasis on the security situations of Camps Ashraf and Liberty."

Mamedov criticizes the delegation that has "devoted disproportionate attention to the security of Camp Ashraf while almost completely neglecting the more relevant economic, social, security and human rights challenges facing Iraq."[3]

The anti Iranian stance of the MKO as well as ISIS is a key factor to motivate American and European warmongers to back any force in the region that might destabilize Islamic Republic and the IRI-backed government of Nouri AlMaliki –although the role of the MKO dollars should not be disregarded." In addition to the leftist groups who uncritically support the MEK because it claims to have Marxist beliefs (along with Islamic ones!), right-wing MEPs seem taken in by its fervent anti-Iranian government stance," states Mamedov." It is therefore not surprising that the individuals endorsing the EIFA have also endorsed the MEK." [4]

Mamedov truthfully suggests that all warmongers and crisis makers in the region base their entire policy on the famous quote "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". However, supporters of terrorist extremists include a small number of the EP members.

Chairman of the EP Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok who visited Tehran last week, underlined that the new European Parliament is aware of the importance of ties with Iran, reported FNA.

In reply to the remarks of Head of the Iranian legislature’s Friendship Group with the European Parliament Kazzem Jalali on the MKO’s fraudulent propaganda among EP members, Brok said, "The majority of the European Parliament do not like cooperation with groups such as MKO and only a minority group in the Parliament support the MKO."[5]

The above mentioned fact had been also noticed by Mamedov himself. "Even with the extravagant funds the MEK has spent on endorsements by political elites, the group’s prominence in the EU is confined only to one part of the EP," he wrote in his earlier piece on the MKO’s propaganda efforts in UE. [6]

However, Mamedov does not neglect the risk of giving the Cult of Rajavi "the opportunity to parasite on the legitimate concerns of the international community over Iran’s nuclear program and its civil and human rights policies."[7]

 He warns MEPs who might be approached by the MKO well-funded lobbyists to "be wise to think twice about associating with an organization that attempts to minimize the acts of a group so murderous and fanatical that even al-Qaeda has declared it too extreme."[8]

“They represent a threat to every country in the region,” Secretary of State John Kerry described ISIS in an interview with TODAY. “They’re more extreme even than al Qaeda. And they are threatening the United States and Western interests.”[9]

As a matter of fact the MKO terrorist cult does not recognize the interests and benefits of any side and neither the interests of its own members. Their only strategy is always focused on violence, the more extreme the more favorable for the MKO.

By Mazda Parsi


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