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The legacy of the MKO in ISIS attacks in Tehran

The twin terrorist attacks at Iran’s parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini’s shrine committed by ISIS recalls the very similar attacks that were frequently committed by the te Mujahedin Khalq Organization about three decades ago. Actually, Iranian citizens were the first ones to witness suicide attacks in the early years of the establishment of the Islamic Republic. Today the legacy of the MKO is reproduced by the ISIS.

While Maryam Rajavi the co-leader of Rajavi’s cult of personality (the MKO) condemns the attacks in Tehran, last Wednesday’s terrorist attacks took Iranians back to the first decade after the Islamic Revolution, when her group’s terror operatives slayed many citizens and officials in the streets, residential areas, public and governmental buildings in various cities all over Iran.

,“The principal perpetrator of terrorism in Iran over the past four decades has been the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), the Marxist/Islamist cult/terrorist group that prior to the revolution had claimed Americans among its victims,” Paul R.Pillar of the Strategic Culture website accurately asserts. “Thanks largely to the MEK’s activity, Iran necessarily has had much experience in countering terrorism.”

The role of the MKO terrorists in the bloody parts of the Iranian modern history is so highlighted that no journalist could conceal the fact. Any news report that covered the recent terrorist acts in Tehran had to name the MKO as the first suicide terrorists to launch massive acts of violence against Iranian civilians and authorities.

Ironically, there are only a few days left to the anniversary of the MKO’s iconic date, June 20th 1981 (Khordad 30th) which signals the official start of the group’s armed struggle against the Islamic Republic. At the time, the so-called protest of the MKO agents turned into a bloodbath. The group followers floated in the streets with any type of arms such as cutter, knife, colt and Kalashnikov… opening fire on innocent people. Since then the group committed numerous terrorist acts against the Iranian civilians and officials killing thousands of people.

A lot of MKO operations were suicidal. Firing grenades in public places, throwing fire into public places and other violent acts by the MKO agents were the shocking scenes that the Iranian citizens eye-witnessed repeatedly during the 1980s. In case the MKO operatives were at risk of being arrested by the security forces they would swallow cyanide capsules. And now after four decades the MKO methods is exactly used by the ISIS terrorists in Tehran assaults.

Today, Maryam and Massoud Rajavi should be brought to justice for “shedding blood of innocent people”. They should answer this very question that under which pretext they shed the blood of Leila Nourbahksh, the three-year-old girl who burned alive in a bus the MKO agents set on fire in Shiraz, a city in the South of Iran.

This is the first time the ISIS could manage to launch a terror act in Iran, although it has tried several times in the recent past. ISIS should know that its God father, the MKO, was once eradicated in this country, so there will be no place left of its successors.

By Mazda Parsi

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