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The world day of confirming the Charter of Human Right

Because of the world day of confirming the Charter of Human Right

We cherish the ten of December, the anniversary of confirming the Charter of Human Rights.

It is the day of happiness for the black slaves, the downtrodden people of different races, and those who are hungry for freedom.

Many years ago, it seemed to be needed a charter which was being able to make peace all over the world.

In the Charter with thirty matters, it was declared to all government to recognize the human rights, cherish them and try to fulfill their terms. Unfortunately, something else happened. They were the great powers who conquered. The pretended supporters, that are the known dictators, had nothing but war, killing and disturbance.

Nowadays, the human rights are a weapon and a pretext which has been abused by some despotic governors.

In the center of these governments, some groups and organizations had been created, which had sectarian organizations and protected them.

The Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization is one of them which are known by the Iranians. It was an organization which was formed in Iran, and had to leave the country because of armed struggle and protection the terrorism. It took no time, when they went to Saddam’s embrace.

At the top of this sect, it was Rajavi who believed to armed aggression and terrorism. News and information by split members reveals the terrible cases of violating the human rights among this sect.

In order to be more familiar with the black records and the flagrant betrayal of Rajavi and his sect, we are going to point out some cases:

1-To assassinate the American diplomats along with the anti-Imperialist struggles before 1357; to declare the armed struggle with the aim of physical removing of the people; to begin the strategy of blind terror.

2-To hijack along with the extension of terrorist operations and escape from Iran.

3-To contract with regime of BAATH of Iraq.

4- To deceive the Iranian youth, and abroad citizens; and attract them to join the terrorist sect.

5-To deprive the right of freedom, and select the members to have a blindly obedience from Rajavi, who is against the Human Rights’ law.

6-To have a continuous insult to freedom, independence and Islamic ideology of Iranians.

7-To kill thousands of people in military attacks in the frontier between Iran and Iraq.

8-To have a false propaganda, and extent it among Iranian youth.

9-To deceive the Iranian youth, and attract the deceived followers from Iran into Iraq, and then imprison them under a terrible condition.

10-To brainwash the members, and deprive their rights of freedom and rights of reproving.

11-To start a special training to control the members, and amuse them by special teams.

12-To neglect the women rights, and oppress them along with the anti-human aims of Rajavi.

13-To initiate the forced and obligatory wedding until 1991.

14-To declare the ideology of forced divorce.

15-To destroy the base of family, and banish the children through separating them from their parents.

16-To kill the Kurds through the Persian Gulf war, and also massacre the Iraqi Shiites.

17-To bother and torture the unsatisfied members.

18-To get obligation from the members, so that they should never return to their families.

19-To use the label “sexual patients” for those who reject the forced divorces.

20-To challenge with friendly relationships among the members.

21-To have a continuous disagreement with home and family.

22-To declare the obligatory divorce even for those singles who may get married in the future.

23-To deceive Maryam Rajavi, the wife of Mehdi Ibrahim-chi, and marry with her which could be considered as a sectarian trick.

24-To separate between mothers and their children; to forbid the love and kindness between them; to forbid smiling among the members; and to declare that the reflex of sexual ray which may be raised through the natural relationship is against the sect’s law.

25-To forbid any symbols of family such as engagement rings.

26-To force men and women to face each other and declare their great aversions, and then expectorate to each other.

27-To force men and women to cuff each other.

28-To get written obligation, so that they should never leave Iraq.

29-To forbid family visits.

30-To bring the girls (exile children) from foreign countries and force them to get married with members of high layer of the sect, and also with aged members.

31-To imprison the members along with the ideological divorce.

32-To assassinate the characters of members who wished to leave the sect.

33-To change the sets of apartment “H” into horrible prisons; to make barbed wires and tall bulkhead around the Ashraf prisons.

34-To confirm the death sentence for detached members.

35-To confirm the edict of death for families in spring of 1991.

36-To bluff the premature fall of the Islamic regime of Iran, in order to control the members.

37-To exile the infant into European countries, after the collapse of their families.

38-To dissolve the kindergartens and schools in Ashraf prison.

39-To censor the news, so that the members were unaware about the political circumstances of the world.

40-To extend anarchism and anti- human movements, and forbid any relationship among the members.

41-To extend bondage and work without any salary, in order to keep the members busy.

42-To apprehend thousands people with no lawful permission.

43-To torment against the women to exploit their natures.

44-To forbid any kinds of reproof.

45-To use the methods of assault and battery, desecrate the unsatisfied members, and create an awful atmosphere to control the members.

46-To create prisons in most cities of Iraq, and compile the law in the prisons.

47-To forbid any political activities, and deprive the freedom of thinking and expressing.

48-To disconnect any telephone connection between the members and their families, except those which have terrorist aims.

49-To dispatch the terrorist teams into Iran; to shell the towns and kill the innocent citizens.

50-To consider the terrible dictatorial methods in the inner relationships, and flout the minimums of freedom of the members.

51-To abuse the honor emotions of the members, in order to prove the leading of Rajavi.

52-To waste the time of the members through the useless activities (to run errand for Saddam) all day long, in order to keep them busy.

53-To be completed dependent to regime of BATH, and to organize the private army for Saddam.

54-To foray the interests of Iraq under the trade of oil with food.

55-To suicide and doubtful death; to liquidate; to do criminal actions against the detached members.

56-To break the human rights in their terrorist organization, and deceive the new members by constituting the terrorist teams.

57-To extend the policy of reporting from each other; that is to spy.

58-To remove the newspapers, the press and the books of other sects that would be considered as illuminated books.

59-To codify the death rules for those who backbite Rajavi.

60-To forbid any family visits during Saddam’s period, but after Saddam’s fall they allowed them to visit their families to spy them indirectly.

61-To abuse the exiled children to beg from foreign citizens, under the name of gathering financial help, and then expend them in terrorist operations.

62-To play the role of agent provocateur for Saddam during the eight years war between Iran and Iraq, and massacre thousands of Iranian by doing this.

63-To extend the policy of self-burning among the members, and create an awful atmosphere which caused the self-burning of women in Paris.

64-To negate the possessive right for the members, and confiscate all their possessions along the terrorist aims.

65-To torture with cables, and terrible beating, so that they should kneel in front of the pictures of Massoud and Maryam.

66-To torture in football room, in which six persons in two teams of prisoners were being passed while they were being beaten.

67-To take the prisoner in the rifle range and shoot around his body, in order to frighten him.

68-To deceive the Iranians who travel to other countries to seek the job, by some hunting groups belonged to the sect.

69-To send the terrorist teams into European countries to remove the split members from the sect.

70-To create the atmosphere of fear; to menace the split members and beat them.

Now the organization which considers itself as the messenger of peace and freedom has been converted to an awful and anti-human sect through deviation from the principles and rejecting its members’ rights.

The mentioned cases are just a few from the all. Those who want to get more information should research more. Rajavi at the top of a sect has done so many criminal acts by deceiving and capturing the victims.

Now for glorification the charter of the world Human Right we expect the terrorist organization of Mojahedin to be denounced, so that Massoud Rajavi as the leader of the terrorist sect and the accessory of Saddam would be tried.


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