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A few days ago, I considered some letters via Iran Efshagar which were related to my relatives. In reply to them, I have prepared an article as the following part of my previous reply, titled “Our Share “.

Once more, when I saw my husband’s picture, I became very happy and took it for my daughter.

And I am also so happy, since I learned that my husband has received my message and now he knows that I’m waiting for him. I am glad now, now that I can learn about my relatives’ health this way.( because there is no other way to contact them)

In your speeches, you didn’t say anything about the way I was arrested!?

The fact is that: when I was sent to Tehran for the second time ( contrary to the first time) you didn’t work on our return plan. In the last moment, when our team was leaving Jalula, I asked:” how do you return us?” you said:” we will return you.” But you didn’t say how. You always, in your justification meeting, told us: “80 percent going and 20 percent returning.” After your first operation you should stay in Iran so that we introduce you other subjects and targets to operate on them”. In other words if after the operation you survived, we would give you so many targets that you finally get arrested. While returning you left us in the hands of smugglers who were working for Iranian government. When we reached the borders you removed the “red boundary” which was made by yourselves intentionally to divulge our track. You had told us to get back to the boundary without arms, not to be able to defend ourselves in case of confrontation with the officials. When we were working on the operation in our base, you just said:” don’t get arrested alive” and you had named this situation ”Red Boundary” and given us four cynide Capsules to kill ourselves.  You never spent a minute to tell us how we can keep ourselves alive while getting arrested. You sent us for operation at the same time and region as another team had gone for operation a few blocks away. So while the police was patrolling around that region in Tehran, to pursue the first team, they were able to  arrest us.

All the above issues confirms that you had tried your best to drive us to dead in order to have a thicker list of martyrs and use it for your propaganda machine and send other individuals, motivated to take the revenge on us and do another operation and be killed ,in Iran.

But, Because of God’s will, because of our little children, Marjan and I survived.

I stayed here to realize your other face, lies and frauds well, and prevent my compatriot youth from being deceived. I stayed in Nejat Society to denounce your reality more and more and struggle to liberate my relatives and friends. I stayed to inform the families who are not aware of their loved ones for years. I stayed to tell the families that if your children don’t contact with your, its Rajavi’s fault.

Each time I see a family huging their loved one, I get more energy to rescue my other friends.

I found it necessary to point out: I will try my best until all those families have their beloveds in their homelands.

When you talk about my aunt and uncle, you should know that I’m working in Nejat Society for their objectives. Because I’m sure if they were alive and reached your bases, they would certainly separate from you and criticize you.

Recently, I heard from one of my uncle’s friends that when in 1978 and 79, my uncle was a member of the organization, he had some problem with the organization, because he was a religious person, he had criticized them on theological and religious cases and had tried to reform such matters and have Islam as essential in everything . He had seen many people among the cadres who did not say their prayers correctly or even weren’t able to say them. But this reminding didn’t have any results.

Finally, one day in meeting with Masud Rajavi and 9 other people including my uncle, one of the members says something in Masud’s ear. Then they all go to another room preventing my uncle to join them. Then gradually my uncle’s responsibilities in the organization were reduced until 1980 when Masud Rajavi left the high ranking members such as Musa Khiabani, Ashraf Rabiee and my uncle, and fled treacherously to Paris and led them to death in Iran. He wanted to get rid of his ideological members for ever and to be the only one to reach the power. Since he knew if they survived they would criticize all he would do. Masud Rajavi removed Islam since that year did not leave anything except a bizarre form of Islam.

And also my aunt who was very religious and had studied theology and Qoran Sciences for years, if she saw one example of internal problems of the organization, she would never believe in them and separate from them.

In such an organization where Muslim’s Holly Book, Qoran, is not found even for one version, every one who reads Qoran is labeled as “retarded”. During the years I was there, they made fun of mentioning God’s name.

I have a memory relating this issue: when some of my colleagues and I had gone to Hamrin to practice shooting, we got lost there.

To find the way, I asked God for help. When finally we found the way and returned to our base, they made fun of me because of that and mentioned it as “The under Minimum Fact”!!!? They always said:” in an emergency case, ask Masud and Maryam for help” they never mentioned God.

They didn’t respect Islam even for the minimum.

Therefore I am sure that if my uncle and aunt were alive, could not bear such an organization and would separate from them, as my uncle did.

Surprisingly Masud Rajavi reads a verse of Qoran at the beginning of his meetings to deceive the public and cries for Imam Hussein.

Did Imam Hussein defend Islam the same as what you do?

He said his prayers while he was fighting his enemies, does he equal you and Masud? You who give up praying just while the operation with any excuse.

Imam Hussein and his whole relatives stayed, fought and suffered martyrdom. How about you? In the first stages of threat Masud and Maryam fled to Europe and left all the members alone. They gave money to their high ranking commandants for the time the need to escape. But what did you do for the other individuals such as my sisters, husband and cousin? Did you tell them what to do when threatened? Do you want to scarify everyone for your own salvation?

I notify that I’m working in Nejat Society to prevent my friends and relatives from being victims and I will never let you kill them like my aunt and uncle.

Imam Hussein fought until the last moment. What about you? whilst the first threat, you delivered your weapons and resigned yourself to the American forces, , however, the world remembers your “Dawn with the US “, “ Dawn with Imperialism” slogans not long ago. You were proud of terrorizing Americans. But now you have focused all your efforts to get the confirmation of those same Americans and now you are proud of having good and warm relations with them! They have become your new Masters! (After Saddam Hussein) 

Maryam Rajavi has titled herself as “the First Lady of the women of the world” – Holly Fatima’s title – .

How did she dare?! How could you let yourself to see yourself instead of holly Fatima the only Lady of the women of the world? Who labeled you as the best woman in the world?

While ideological divorces, Masud Rajavi interpreted “Azhab Surratt” about himself although it was descended for prophet Mohamad (peace be upon him)

None of our Imams ordered people to divorce ideologically!!! They didn’t teach their supporters to be separated from family and society. And you – Masud Rajavi – where did you find this version of Islam?

He told the members:”I’m the only cycle to join Imams, Imam Zaman and finally God!! You should only join your commandant and then via her join Maryam and then me, in order to have the happiness in this world and the other world!!!

What a wondering claim! how did he dare to claim such things? I should only say: ”Yowma tobleas saraer” ei our date will be on the resurrection day when the secrets will be denounced  when you should answer your God.   Houra Shalchi

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