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In the name of God,

A while ago, I saw and read photos and interviews of my sisters on Iranefshagar website so I decided to write a brief answer.

First of all, I should say that seeing the photos of you three lovely dear sisters made me so happy.

When I was in the organization, they didn’t allow me to meet you privately. Any meeting with you, with the presence of commanders, took no longer than 1 hour. But now I thank God that I could see at least your photos without being disturbed by anyone. I also took your beautiful photos for mom to see your pretty faces after a long time.

I’m also happy that this interview caused you sit beside each other, something that the MKO doesn’t want.

I know well that you can barely meet to share your sisterly emotions because Rajavi is essentially a big obstacle against emotions.

I never forget that he opened my letter, which I had written for my 6-year-old girl, and never posted it to Iran.

I never forget that they deceived me on the issue of bringing you to Camp Ashraf. They had brought you there but didn’t allow me to know that. However, they had to inform me because they knew that I will meet you on my way to Iran for conducting operation. We had not heard of each other for 4 years and they let us meet only for 40 minutes, under the supervision of high-ranking officials.

If I had not revealed that I was going to take you to Iraq, they would have never allowed me to meet you. I always asked for the permission to meet you and they always refused. Once, Laya Khiabani, who was in charge of Reception, asked me if I knew why they didn’t let me see you. “I don’t know. Perhaps, they think that we would exchange information,” I said. She laughed and said, “You and your sisters have no information to exchange. They should give you permission to meet them.” However, this never happened and I couldn’t see you until I was in Iraq.

Once, I had prepared birthday gift for Rabi’eh and some other presents for all of you. I knew that I would be criticized for doing so, but I asked my commanders to give them to you. A month and half later, I was shocked to see the gifts in my locker. This is Massoud Rajavi’s affection! They don’t want families and relatives to have emotional relationships. Everything should be devoted to Massoud Rajavi.

I should remind you dear sisters that I have never had any quarrels with you and I will not. I believe that you are of my blood and flesh. No one can separate us even that organization which has always tried to do so. However, I won’t let the organization’s dreams come true and won’t quit my efforts until I see you out of the cult. I know that they have forced you to talk against your own will. So, I was not bothered by what you said. I am criticizing the organization, which has put you in such condition because I know you, and I know that we have not had any such affairs in our sisterly relations. This is MKO’s method to make disputes inside families in order to escape from replying criticisms.

In all these 5 years that you were away from mother, weren’t you allowed to have a phone call for at lease a few minutes to ask about your sick mother and your prisoner father? Who has given you this information? It was better for this affectionate organization to let my sisters call their parents and then do the interview. Then, you would have correct information and there were fewer faults. I announce that my father has never been tortured and he can testify himself.

What has happened that they suddenly decided to tell you about his situation?

You all know that my father is in prison. He can have phone call to home for an hour everyday. We can also meet him each week for 40 minutes, without any controls or guards.

A simple comparison between my father here and my sisters in the prison of Rajavi shows the difference. My sisters were banned in these 5 years from writing a letter, from a brief phone call and we had no information on their status. This situation has made my mother sick. Now, who’s prisoner, my sisters in the cult or my father in Evin?

As I said I don’t want to complain my sisters because I know that they are captives of Rajavi. I have always loved my sisters and I say that family’s ready for your return.

Now, the Rajavis should answer my sick mother. If they have not imprisoned my sisters, they should allow them to make a phone call to my mother.

No one in the world, except the heads of the cult, bans emotional relationship between members of a family. Apart from this, the organization should answer my little girl. She has been away from his father (Moahmmed Karimi Rahjerdi, member of MKO) since she was two and half years old. She is now nine and still asks about his dad. This girl has no image of his father and can’t remember him. She says his father is unfaithful, doesn’t like her and doesn’t pay attention to her.

You are responsible for cutting these ties. What will happen if a little girl hears the voice of his father from a long distance and feels calm? Why she always looks with wistfulness at other children of her age who are with their fathers and why she always asks herself where his father is? “Where is he that he can’t send a photo and a letter?” she asks. However, she’s happy to have a grandfather. My little girl can’t understand and analyze that her father is living at a place where “love” is forbidden, even if that love is of the kind a father has towards his little girl. She can’t understand that her father can’t mention her name and that he can’t even think about her. He has to confess to Camp Ashraf’s guards if he remembers his little girl. He has to deny everything under the heavy pressure of “purification” sessions and he has to devote all his love to Massoud and Maryam. My little girl doesn’t know that Maryam and Massoud have taken her father’s heart and that they have left no place for her. My little girl doesn’t know that her father is captive in a place where “the art of love” -the book his father offered me -is forbidden. I know how much her father loves her but he’s afraid to express that. All parents love their children, but their fears force them to hide everything, event these divine emotions.

My little girl sleeps with the photo of her father and wishes to hear his voice. Each year, on her birthday, she expects to have father beside her. She went on fasting during Ramadan and wished to have her father back. She resorted to Koran and prayed for her father.

There are many girls and boys with similar conditions. Daughter of Maryam Arab (Mona), Parivn Firoozan’s son (Sepehr) and many others….

Who’s responsible for these suppressed emotions? Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi, how do you want to answer God about these children? Why did you break the families? You know better than I that the way you’re following leads to nowhere. You know well that you separated children from their parents only to be bale to survive perfidiously under US’s flag and to legitimize Maryam’s staying in France. How do you want to stand before God and answer? You can’t bring back the wasted years of these children, can you? The damages inflicted on these children, because of absence of parents, can’t be compensated. You should be accountable for this lost generation. You should be held accountable for the suppressed emotions of mothers and fathers.

I can remember that you used so-called “militias” (very young soldiers in MKO) to claim that young forces join the NLA; these militias were even banned from meeting their parents. I never forget Mahboobeh Jamshidi’s daughter, Maryam Jamshid, 14, who wept each night because MKO leaders didn’t let her see her mother. Her mother was in touch with her through e-mail and computer messages. Maryam Jamshidi cried and said that she didn’t want a “computer mom”. “I want to sit beside her but here I can’t meet her,” she said. No human being can stand these painful images, but your stony hearts prevented you from allowing their meetings. There were several others like Maryam Jamshidi.

These girls, who couldn’t feel maternal emotions in MKO, wanted to leave the group but the MKO never allowed separation because in the case of their separation, the MKO was not able to justify the case. These children had a disastrous situation and no one helped them because their parents were also captives of Rajavi. I’m sure that the same conditions applied for “boy militias” in the organization but I have not enough information since I was in Women’s section.

Meanwhile, Maryam Rajavi’s daughter (Ashraf Abrishamchi) and Massoud Rajavi’s son (Mostafa) had a very different situation.

I myself witnessed the relationship of Ashraf Abrishamchi with her mother and father. She occasionally disappeared for a month or two. Later, we learnt that she was staying with her father or mother. Maryam spent a month with her daughter because Ashraf should feel the emotions of her parents.

The situation was similar about Massoud Rajavi’s son.

At a time when MKO leaders banned family relationships and called it “illegitimate”, it was “legal” and “legitimate” for Maryam and Massoud.

Everything “illegal” for members in the organization is “legal” for the leaders. Only the leader should have spouse, but it’s forbidden and illegal for others. While mothers in the MKO were not allowed to look at the photos of their children, Maryam was fully authorized. Only the leader should have his children beside himself, and it’s illegal for others.

We saw these contradictions and discriminations everyday but we had to ignore them. Their justification was that “Maryam and Massoud have passed these issues but you have an exploitative view and therefore you shouldn’t have family”!

I and my little girl are waiting for my husband to return to the family. I hope to meet my sisters in an open atmosphere. I’m sure that in near future, real nature of Rajavi would become clear for you all.

… and you, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, you should stand before God and answer about the crimes you committed.

Hoora Shalchi

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