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The latest deaths the MEK faces in Albania

Democracy and Human Rights According to Maryam Rajavi and Rudy Guilliani

Gjegi Thanasi-Olsi Yazeji

Dr. Olsi Jazexhi discusses with Gjergji Thanasi the latest Covid19 deaths that the Mojahedeens, #MaryamRajavi cult – friends of #RudyGiuliani are facing in Albania. MEK is flooded with deaths but these deaths are not recorded or transmitted by Albanian authorities. MEK is burying their dead in villages of Tirana, Durres, probably inside their camp and now they are trying to set a new graveyard in the town of Manza, in Durres.

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However their new graveyard has sent the inhabitants of Manza to protest the illegal graveyard. They want MEK to bury their dead inside their paramilitary camp. On January 14 the inhabitants of Manza protested publicly the land grab by MEK. Many Albanian media transmitted the protest. However, two days later media and televisions like Ora News, DurresiLajm, Syri.net, were forced to delete their videos and news. The Mojahedens, #FreeIran gang which pretend to bring democracy to #Iran are supporting censorship and authocracy in Albania. They are colliding with the Albanian government which helps them to:

1. Have no check on mojahedeens who die,

2. Hide their dead,

3. Bury their dead illegally,

4. Blackmail Albanian journalists who report their illegal activities,

5. Use quisling Albanian media to attack Albanian citizens as agents of Iran when they protest against land grab and illegal activities that MEK does in Albania.


The discussion of MEK’s attack against freedom of media and democracy in Albania is compared with the censorship that Big Tech is doing against #RudyGiuliani and #Trump in the United States. Olsi appeals to Rudy Giuliani to teach his good jihadi friend Maryam Rajavi to learn what democracy and human rights are. Rudy who complains about tech censorship in the United States must first ask his jihadi friends in Albania to not censor the Albanian media and not blackmail Albanian journalists.

An appeal goes to organizations like Reporters without Borders @RSF_inter who while they condemn China, Russia etc and their threats against journalists, they should do the same against the mojahedeens and their blackmails against media in #EdiRama’s #Albania.

Dr. Olsi Jazexhi and Gerjgji Thanasi, YouTube

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