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Global Fight against Terrorism to Maintain Peace, Security


Terrorism is known as an unjustifiable phenomenon, threatening international society, so confronting such an issue will help the world get rid of the menace and guarantee a globe free from insecurity and threat.

The phenomenon has been well-known in political literature for years and has been defined differently in different situations in accordance with global conditions and countries’ interests.

Terrorism, however, has got a more sophisticated definition since 20th century. Therefore, old forms of terrorism, such as intimidation, homicide, and massacre, were added up with new types such as sabotage, kidnapping, and hijacking. In fact, terrorism translates into a political act to remove a rival aimed at political objectives.

Iran has suffered a lot from terrorism since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Numerous Iranian people and politicians were martyred, including President Mohammad-Ali Rajai and Prime Minister Mohammad-Javad Bahonar on August 30, 1981.

An IRNA researcher interviewed Javad Rezaimanesh, a university professor and political expert, on the occasion of anniversary of a terrorist explosion at Iran’s presidential office on August 30, 1981, named Counter-Terrorism Day in Iran.


Rezaimanesh told IRNA on Monday that the terrorist group of Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) committed heinous crimes in a bid to find a way to gain influence on political and social atmosphere of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the beginning of the government; they decided to conduct sabotage in different administrative offices and destroy the capacity of the country concerning manpower and equipment, but the Iranian people became angry with the group and their terrorist attacks on officials and buildings.

So, as part of their propaganda campaign against Tehran, the enemies of the Islamic Republic resorted to different strategies, including terrorist acts, to put pressure on the country. They have even tried to use false flag operations and put the blame on Iran.

The phenomenon of terrorism can be some acts of violence, pursuing political objectives, creating terror, and threatening preemptive reactions.

It is worth mentioning that the war initiated by powers against terrorism that kills more civilians is a sort of terrorism.

Terrorism is a strategy based on knowing psychological aspects. Propaganda is one of the components of psychological strategy of terrorism and every terrorist attack is considered a prelude to defeat a regime, so real understanding of the strategy will help confront the phenomenon.

While the fight against terrorism should follow a rational order, the international community lacks a clear-cut approach in dealing with threats and violation of peace. Thus, the existing anti-terror mechanisms are not in line with other tactics to guarantee global peace.

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