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MKO’s Invalid Claims

In response to soft and humane comments by Iraqi government spokesman, who had asked for direct and private talks with MKO members kept captive in Camp Ashraf, terrorist MKO acted violently and threatened the spokesman to file suit against him.

Earlier also, through its lawyers, the MKO had threatened Iraqi ambassador to Iran but when he stressed his position and that of his government, calling such moves by the MKO as unimportant and illegal, it was proved that such threats do not work for Iraqi officials and that these acts, as psychological threats against Iraqi officials, are invalid.

However, what has made the MKO leaders so upset that they have been forced to come to the scene violently is nothing but the fact that Mr. Al-Dabbagh has pointed to a clear reality: MKO leaders prevent the members from talking directly to the government of Iraq and that they don’t allow their members to choose freely.

Mr. Al-Dabbagh states that the Iranian government has promised to forgive the MKO members, while the MKO threatens its members to prevent them from leaving the group.

In response, the MKO have resorted to refugee principles and the rights of the group in the framework of 4th Geneva Convention and , while ignoring the fact that these rights apply to individual members in Camp Ashraf. By abusing these rights, the MKO is trying to guarantee its political and organizational interest of its terrorist cult and its leader (Massoud Rajavi).

MKO leaders should be notified that when they refuse Iran’s issued pardon and don’t quit interfering in issues not related to them, they should stop censorship in the Camp to see how the members use their rights.

The example of Iraqi government’s idea can be seen in the return of Mr. Mehdi Shah Karami of which the Gestapo of Ashraf is fully aware. And there’s no need to say that the noise made by MKO’s European spokesperson are only aimed at creating a psychological war against the MKO members.

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