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Actions that Contradict Claims

Based on the finding that the proscribed Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) has ceased its military and terrorist operations since June 2001, the UK POAC ruled de-proscription of the group. The court puts emphasis on the proof that “There is no evidence relied on by the Respondent that the PMOI has at any stage subsequently sought to obtain weapons of any type or undertaken any type of military operations, military training of personnel or recruitment of individuals for potential military operations”. That is a good idea if a terrorist group has decided to renounce terrorism and dissolve military units. But MKO’s aired TV programs, especially following the court’s judgment, are in absolute contradiction with its claims. MKO’s TV network is repetitively broadcasting clips from its military operations, manoeuvres and marches in which women’s presence seems to have greater significance. Even the music concerts are performed in a militaristic atmosphere with choir and singers in military uniforms. Do these programs broadcasted by the official TV network of a proscribed organization corroborate its claims of abandoning terrorism and militarism? These pictures and clips well indicate that claims and words can never be trusted unless proved by action. 

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