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The recent actions of Rajavi’s gang in France

The recent actions of Rajavi’s gang in France;
Testing France

Fabricating a file for Mr. Sadegh Mohammad kazem, an Iraqi official, and assailing rally of Iranians opposed to the MeK, were among recent actions of Rajavi’s gang in France.

These measures have been applied by the MeK to test ways to strengthen and expand their organization and paving the way for greater mobility in France.

In the first try, the MeK presented a so- called incontrovertible file to the French Court and, hoping to lead to detention for months or even a verdict against Mr. Kazem.

The complaint against this Iraqi official was a test to examine whether they could hit their opponents by the French judicial tool, or not. If they were able to create such a situation, certainly the defectors and critics of the MeK would not been assailed by Rajavi’s hooligans; Instead, any of these protestors would have a record of participation in terrorist acts!

Although acting against Mr. Sadegh Mohammad kazem apparently was randomly and simultaneously with his passing through France, but, the fact is that the MeK’s leadership already has been informed of this trip through the Baathist Penetrating agents and she had planned for such action, in order to exploit the Iraqi government, also to strengthen the MeK’s organization and securing its members in France.

French judicial system, with releasing of Mr. Mohammad Kazem and apologizing to the Iraqi government, also by detaining several hooligans of Rajavi’s gang, demonstrated that it is not a plaything for the MeK.

However, it is a matter of fact that France for political reasons has ignored the anarchist nature of the terrorist group MeK. This is a serious threat to this country; The MeK’s day and night propaganda against former French authorities who were involved in the case June 17, reveals that if this terrorists were ever able, they would fabricate a file for French authorities, too.

On the Other hand, self-immolation of the MeK’s members, assailing the defectors, and other anti- law actions make clear that this terrorist group is a threat to social order and national security of this country.

France now is on the eve of an important exam. Its governors should know that with the closure of the MeK’s main camp in Iraq, their country will be the center of this terrorist group- whether its individuals could take asylum or not, and Auvers-sur-Oise will be the center of their terrorist acts. So, the best option for France is following the Iraqi government to expel the MeK.

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